Running day 8 sober

I’m running day 8 no alcohol, usually I have at least 12 beers a day. I had some shakes, sweats (and man did they stink), and I’ve given up smoking cigarettes with the help of nicotine gum.

I used to always go to that beer, that stupid baby going to beer and drinking at 8am and ■■■■.

I gave up.

I didn’t quit, I shook the term even though I literally quit. I just gave up being a drunk.

I don’t know how I’m going to get my ■■■■ together all the time, but I’m really trying. Since I’ve given up on being a drunk I’ve been much more active and cleaning this house more. It seems like I’m somewhat managing myself and what not a little better than before. I’m playing guitar, doing the best I can.

I used to always get told by guys in the military, (no one likes a quitter).

Well, I guess I’m pissing off all the drunks by giving up.

Pissing off all my old friends who I learned yesterday are doing cocaine (snorting and smoking).

I just give up, and I’m sad over giving up sometimes but once you do it. You do it I guess.


If people can’t be happy for you…

for the fact that your being healthy and trying to better stay alive…

Then they aren’t really friends.

Not snorting coke… and drinking… you have less chance of being in jail… or dying…

Congratulations on this huge first step… I’m sure the people who truly love you… your girlfriend would be more then happy to see you get healthy and live better.


Alcoholism has been in both sides of my family, mainly my veteran grandfathers. I’m feeling so great for doing this, and also the voices aren’t as extreme with the beatings and the rape it seems.


You are taking a positive step forward towards sobriety - Good going @neveragain !


Just wanted to say great job!

Planning a healthier, better life for yourself is far from giving up and is in fact the opposite. :thumbsup:

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I view addiction nowadays as (the dark side) of the force.

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dramatic piano lol.


My voices and head circus got more mellow when I was thinking with a sober and drug free mind.

there is so much chaos up there… adding to it with acid and whiskey only made it worse.

So glad your starting to have some relief and peace…

Never used (cid).

but man I believe we got a thing going on, being sober is…


Yeah, when I gave up drinking and drugging all kinds of good things happened to me and my life improved. A big part of recovery is not being around people or places where there is alcohol or drugs. If your friends don’t want to be around you because you’re quitting drinking and drugs they might actually be doing you a favor.


Awesome! Keep it up man!

please read this book living sober by alcoholic anon.

I like being sober. I have to see my neighbor in the driveway next to mine drinking like 5 to 10 or more beers everyday. The woman he is living with does not want him drinking in her house. I have to see this every day and have him being under the influence. It makes me crave alcohol. I am doing better without alcohol, but miss that high and buzz from it. But come the next day all my body wanted was alcohol and I could not enjoy anything without it.

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I’m sorry man, but I’m distraught and have been drinking beer. More than a Franciscan monk, today.

Coffee is the hardest thing I drink now. No one in my family drinks even in moderation. We get high off caffiene sugar and fat and thats about it. Alot of my family dont even drink caffiene daily.

Don’t think that if you lose a battle that you will lose the war.

What I mean by that is “if you ■■■■ up and get drunk again, just learn from your mistake”

I used to be dependent on alcohol when I was 19. I thought I was relapsing because I had an incident involving cider and xanax before finals when I was 20 and went to AA only to find out that I wasnt a true alcoholic. I got on a “xanny bomb” kick after finals and that made me contact someone close to me who has been in AA for over a decade to get help. I turned out to be able to drink when my xanax has worn off and only drink one or two drinks. In fact, I usually am the driver and drink one beer long after my afternoon xanax. I get a little uncomfortable sometimes while out but my friends keep me from feeling like ■■■■.

You can do this, especially if you don’t try doing this alone.

There used to be two stores in the town where I live that sold beer, but both of them closed. As a result, I’ve been sober for 5 1/2 weeks. My case manager implied that I could get a single room if I quit drinking. I hope he is not pulling my leg. I still get euphoric recall of a lot of my drinking, but I also remember the puking.

8 days is quite a milestone, congrats so far!

My sister hasn’t done that long in a long time,

Good luck with your efforts, I suppose you can fill all that time with new positive things.

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There is nothing positive in the dying glory of my country.

(Drinks more beer).