4 days of sobriety

I went four days without drinking. I am going back to drinking. I am just going to control it more.

I feel better though from taking a break. I feel more whole.

Yeah I cut myself off after one beer tonight.

Symptoms are mild but I’m feeling very anxious.

Both of the only two stores in town that sold beer have closed, so I’m getting some enforced sobriety. It’s been nine weeks. I think mixing the beer with med’s is hard on my insides. I don’t drink as much as I used to. I intend to keep a lid on it.

Now that I don’t smoke cigs anymore I have to cut out the drinking…every time I reach for a drink here comes the cigarettes…so no drinking for me anymore…


Last night i got really high and had like 10 drinks in 2 hrs, Figured it was better than the dark depression cloud that was looming over me. Paying for it today…
I made it 7 weeks sober until last night though. Going back to sober again.


congratulations on the 7 weeks sober. I’m glad you’ll try it again.

Now that I’m sober and looking back… I really have no idea why I thought drinking was as good as it was. Because I woke up in horrid shape every time… after awhile… it took more and more to get drunk.

Most of my worst moments and deepest anger involved being drunk.

To anyone who has been working on quitting drinking… I’m rooting for you.

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You did it!!! Yay!

While I’m not using booze or drugs, I kind of had a junk food binge over the last two days. Feeling like garbage now. Gonna walk at least five miles tomorrow, dammit. And do some squats. And not eat junk.

Congrats to all who fall down and pick themselves up again with whatever it is you’re struggling with.