Risperidone (Risperdal)

I was prescribed 0.25 mg of Risperdal to take as needed. Can anyone try to describe how this medication makes them feel? I plan to use it to overcome my thought broadcasting delusions. I’m also hoping that it will alleviate the psychosomatic tension in my forehead that often triggers this particular delusion for me.

tl;dr What’s Risperdal like? Will it alleviate the forehead tension?

its a really good med, but its not without its side effects. I can’t tolerate it but .25 is a very small dose.

I have been on Risperidone for over 10 years.

It’s definitely one of the Gold Standard Antipsychotics out there.

It’s my Wonder drug.

It’s really the only AP that I can tolerate - it keeps me from going to the Hospital.

0.25 is a baby dose, it’s not even a starter dose.

I’m pretty sure that your psychiatrist is going to want to eventually raise the dose to a therapeutic level of at least 2mg.

My current psychiatrist is convinced that Risperidone is the only AP that works for me.

The side effects are not easy - it kills my libido and right now at 3mg I’m living on my couch, but without it I would be Involuntary Committed again.

I’m also going to ask my psychiatrist about Haldol again.

It’s closely related to Risperidone and it also works wonders for me.

Good luck with taking Risperidone @Lexicon.
Hope that it works out for you.

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Your user title makes me wonder if we have some experiential overlap. Have you experienced the forehead tension? Does Risperidone help if so?

I don’t experience any kind of forehead tension and Risperidone may or may not help with this.

It’s still worth giving it a shot.

Only time will tell.

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.25 mg is really small. I don’t think it’ll do anything. I think I was started on .5mg and went up to 1 mg? And it worked for me. But even 1 mg is a low dose. But risperdal was my favorite AP hands down. The only one that didn’t give me akesthesia or any other intolerable side effects. I did gain almost 30 lbs on it though, it didn’t kill my libido but it made it incredibly difficult to orgasm which was so frustrating I almost dropped it once from that alone, and it made my prolactin levels dangerously high so I had to quit it. Honestly I would go back on it if I could find a way to keep my prolactin levels lowered. It’s a very effective med.


I really hope it doesn’t affect my sex drive, because it’s already terribly low as it is. /:

Main issues with Risperidone is watching your sugar intact. Other then that it helped me a lot.

I’m on risperidone consta (injection/depot) and I never had sexual side effects with this antipsychotic, but man does it make you eat and makes me fat. I understand what you mean by inflammation in your forehead, I get that, but no , risperidone doesn’t help with that. Abilify got rid of that feeling in my forehead, but I was an emotionless , sexless zombie on abilify… I hated it. At least with risperidone consta I have feelings and can enjoy things, especially sarcosine and music and games and movies. But it doesn’t help with my negative symptoms one bit. But that’s me, everyone is different.

Sarcosine is pleasurable?

I’m on risperidone 2 to 4 mg a day. I gained 40 lbs… I used to be quite anorexic so thats ok. it’s a good drug but i feel my old symptoms coming back so i might need to increase it.

i have been on risperdal for 4 and a half years. as soon i started it my hallucinations were immediately under control. i have lots of caffeine to help me not feel so sedated. that much caffeine not the best thing for your heart, but neither is sitting in a chair doing nothing all day long

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No not Sarcosine, my spell checker chose that word. I meant to type sex.

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I tried 1 mg of Risperdal last night, felt 90% symptom-free. Woke up still at 90%, just took another .5 mg, and now I’m feeling 99% symptom free.

Have you tried Invega? Very closely related to Risperdal but for me it worked WAY better. Side effects were about the same.

Risperdal is a miracle drug.

I’ve been put on risperidal three times. The first time was after I was committed. The doctor i saw afterwards took me off of it even though the 4mgs a day helped. Then I was put on it again after seeing a different doctor she put me on 8mgs a day. I moved then and the doctor put me on 2mgs a day and I became anxious, depressed and delusional. I gained in all 60 pounds through out the time I was on risperidone .

Yes I was placed on Invega for a while in the past.

It did not work out.

But I realize that it’s a good med, was just not for me.

Risperdal didn’t work for me, for it made my entire body stiff. I quickly changed to another anti-psychotic which didn’t work either. :confounded:

I am on risperdal from the past 7 years and it is indeed very helpful. It is very effective and I can tolerate the side effects. I have tried other antipshycotics but found risperidone to be the best.It has some side effects like drowsiness, makes you dull and weight gain. Recently i was feeling agitated and was getting agressive told my pdoc abt it he increased the risperdal dose and now the agitated and aggressive mind has been under control. thnks to risperidone.