Risperidone (Risperdal)

I will agree again: Risperidone is a wonder drug. I’ve been less symptomatic than I’ve been in years. Thought broadcasting delusions are getting MUCH better. Very content with this medication thus far.

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Same here. I like risperidone consta. Yes it has has terrible side effects, but compared to all the others it’s the better one. :swimming_man:t6::surfing_woman::skier:

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It’s hard for me to take any kind of drugs anymore because they make me sick, but it’s not a bad medicine, it makes you feel spacey and relaxed mostly, but it’s hard to remember things in the short term and think critically like with all medication.

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I’m on risperidone injections and I have to be taken off of it because my blood levels weren’t good. Make sure they check your blood levels on the drug. Before this medicine I was very symptomatic in the the hospital. I feel it’s not bad with getting you out of a phycosis but I lost my like for things and became dull on this medicine. I still hear voices on the medicine with getting paranoid and delusional at times. There switching me on ability now. I hope your experience with this drug is better than mine. If you start to lactate in the breast you should tell your doctor and get your blood tested.

The way that I’ve heard risperidone described is that it handles the voices really well but has terrible side effects. Right now the ones I can think of is lack of sexual desire and itching. Used to make me drowzy now I wonder if it has anything to do with how I no longer get tired anymore but just seem to pass out when I lie in bed for a while. Also it is cheap which is a huge plus if you are on a budget.

Sex wise its bad for me, very sedating and good at crisis point.

Better then Abilify!

If I start to lactate this medicine is going in the garbage lmao

Definitely put even more of a damper on my limbido, but freedom from my symptoms is worth it at this point.

Had to pay out of pocket for it the other day. $99, it’/ ridiculous. Insurance companies have patients who need their meds in a vice grip.

In my opinion I’ve been incorrectly prescribed Risperdal but won’t go into that now. My diagnosis is simple schizophrenia so if true why do I need Risperdal? Anyway my time on Risperdal co-incided with putting on 6 1/2 stone in weight, which I subsequently, through lots of effort, lost the weight in 6 months. Constantly feeling like I was cycling up a hill with a hangover 24/7. Very little sleep. I’ve even thought recently that I might be suffering from fibromyalgia but am sure these symptoms are directly related to the Risperdal Consta injection. As I’ve never heard voices or had hallucinations I can’t understand why they make me take it! Am going to refuse these meds again soon. If they section me for not taking them then I will be starting a legal court case. The drug tortures me! Just my opinion. The drug must be designed to cut a brains projection , I dont need my projection cut and it hurts that it does.

Risperdal works well against suicidal thoughts. Also it’s invigorating in small doses. I’ve been taking from 0.5 to 1.5 mg during four years already. Voices and paranoia disappeared and I’m not drowsy.

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Do you use anything else with respidone I get a fluaxol shot of 50ml a month and im taking 300mg of epilim twice a day but did doesnt make the voices go away i still hear them atleast once a week.i get me sleep meds cuz the lorazapam nd promethezine they giving me is at a low does nd doesnt work

I take 2mg of resperidone but my doc says i dont have to take it

No, I use only risperidone. Helped me through hard times. But I gave up meds three times and became psychotic. Without risperidone I’d probably have suicided long ago. The shrink adviced me sleeping pills, but I get by without them.

I wanna go get them

Wow… psychosomatic tension in your forehead? Maybe that’s the reason the doctors won’t take me seriously when I complain about a tightness/tension in my forehead and a burning in my upper body. Do you have the burning too? What is your reason for thinking it’s psychosomatic?

As for broadcasting delusions, I believe that’s very strongly linked to the nmda receptor, so I think olanzapine or clozapine may work better but it’s worth trying risperidone.

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Risperdal is a strong dopamine blocker, it is a second generation Haldol. I found my negative symptoms were severe on it, this might have been the natural course of the ilness. It is great for anxiety and psychosis but tends to have some of the worst prolactin side effects. For me daytime sedation was a constant issue on it. You can’t anticipate how an antipsychotic will impact you, it may be different each time you stop and start it. Tremors and muscle stiffness are more common with this med.


Risperidone and Haldol are similar and they both work well for me.

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With me it is the complete opposite, it worsened my pseudohallucinations and gave me the wildest anxiety (a paradoxical reaction) you could ever possibly imagine, I was so sure I was going to do something horrible, was shaking in my bed uncontrollably, just the most intense anxiety you could ever imagine experiencing. That was up to 6mg daily. As for negative symptoms (though my psychiatrist keeps implying I can’t call it “negative symptoms” with schizotypal pd. What the hell does it matter, the symptoms are the same in my case, affective, social, motivational, etc., etc.) I feel risperidone helped.

I felt risperidone was better for negative symptoms too. For anxiety maybe add on an anxiolytic like xanax or ativan. Of course those are short term solutions and pdocs are relictant to prescribe them.