How does risperdal help you?

Just got out of hospital. They put me on risperdal 1mg 2x daily. Is that even a theraputic dose? Why 2x a day? Can i take it 1x at night instead and it be theraputic? Does it help you with paranoia and delusions at all? How long did it take for you to be better?

That’s a very low dose, are you schizophrenic? It took me 2 weeks and four days for my med increase to kick in, and the voices to stop. I’m on 6mg now, up from 4mg. I’m thinking of increasing it again to 8mg becuase the voices have returned in whisper form after 8months of silence

I was told by my psychiatrist that I could take it all at night. I really wish I hadn’t split the dose because 3 years later I still get sleepy 6 hours after I take am meds. But I take 2.25mg in the am. Ask if you can take it all at night!

Also, I would definitely try to stay at a lowest effective dose. Risperdal causes anhedonia and motivation problems for me. Never had these problems in 20 years since being diagnosed, then they were instant. I wish like **** I was only on 2 mg.

LS! I have been on 2 milligrams of Risperdal for years. I functioned quite good those days. Sorry to say but chances are that you have to use medication for the rest of your life. Nowadays I am on 4 milligrams Risperdal. Regarding your questions I do not feel qualified to answer them.