How does risperdal help you?

Just got out of hospital. They put me on risperdal 1mg 2x daily. Is that even a theraputic dose? Why 2x a day? Can i take it 1x at night instead and it be theraputic? Does it help you with paranoia and delusions at all? How long did it take for you to be better?

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That’s a very low dose, are you schizophrenic? It took me 2 weeks and four days for my med increase to kick in, and the voices to stop. I’m on 6mg now, up from 4mg. I’m thinking of increasing it again to 8mg becuase the voices have returned in whisper form after 8months of silence

I was told by my psychiatrist that I could take it all at night. I really wish I hadn’t split the dose because 3 years later I still get sleepy 6 hours after I take am meds. But I take 2.25mg in the am. Ask if you can take it all at night!

Also, I would definitely try to stay at a lowest effective dose. Risperdal causes anhedonia and motivation problems for me. Never had these problems in 20 years since being diagnosed, then they were instant. I wish like **** I was only on 2 mg.

LS! I have been on 2 milligrams of Risperdal for years. I functioned quite good those days. Sorry to say but chances are that you have to use medication for the rest of your life. Nowadays I am on 4 milligrams Risperdal. Regarding your questions I do not feel qualified to answer them.

I was on a low dose risperidone for a brief period like a month, it really helped my cognitve symptoms. My memory was too good on it plus working memory was better as well. But i had to stop it cuz my benzo started making me sedated too much. I couldnt tolerate risperidone without a benzo along with it due to anxiety attack and crying spells.

I had intractable thought insertion and paranoia and my pdoc put me on 37.5 mg of injectable Risperdal once every two weeks. This therapy all but eliminated the thought insertion and paranoia. I also take Seroquel and Geodon as adjuncts to the Risperdal therapy. So, these help too. Problem is, I am left with very little drive or motivation.

I’m on 3mg a day. It helps reduce the volume and severity of my voices, made them less powerful over me, I’m thinking more clearly and not as erratic.

Voices aren’t gone, but it helps a lot

My voices were gone for 8 months after an increase from 4mg to 6mg but recently Iv started hearing very faint voices when I’m alone and not distracted. They completely go when I’m distracted though so it’s manageable and in control

I was taking 15mg risperidone pills.
I also have tried consta depot

Did you notice which was better om the pills or the injection?

I don’t know, cos after 2 shots, one month (one shot every 15days) I stopped.
But 15mg risperidone caused tardive dyskinisia.
I was sticking my tongue out of my mouth constantly. Now I try haldol injection, and I’m better than ever

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15mg had no effect on voices?

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No, didn’t help. Does it help you?

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Yes an increase from 4mg to 6mg helped me. 4mg didn’t help me. I’m thinking of going up to 8mg, my family doctor okd it, but I might wait for more severe voices

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Don’t anticipate voices.
Don’t make them come back.
I hear divine voices. I write them down.

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I was afraid of hearing a voice one night and after 8months of silence I heard whispering voices. I think I made them come back. It was anticipation anxiety which caused them. Their not loud though, very faint. I wish I had divine voices, must be such a different experience.

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Yes, mostly divine and positive.
Also a small percentage of evil, violent voices

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In my case, I can’t trigger them.
I just can’t make them happen.
I may hear few voices and suddenly they become fluent, fast, eloquent. And I write them down quickly

I was on the injection. It helped with paranoia and delusions. But I felt terrible on it. The only thing I wanted to do was go out and smoke on it.

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