Risperidone Experiences?

Today I saw a new Pdoc. She prescribed me Resperidone.
I haven’t been on anti-psychotics in years. In my experience they make everything a living nightmare. I also have permanent damage from them, to this day.
I wanted an anti-anxiety med that I can take, as needed, and this is what she gave me.
I’m too scared to take it though. I’m so petrified of anti-psychotics!
Can anyone tell me their experiences with this medication, both good and bad? I want to know what to expect.
I’m scared of permanent side-effects and feeling worse, or becoming too numb and a zombie, again. It’s a very low dose, but still.
I’ve done some reading on it, but I’m still unsure.

I’m also taking Seroquel for sleep. Is there a risk, taking the two together? She never said anything about that.

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I had to go off of it…

Restless leg syndrome at night as well as loss of erection. I’m on abilify injections now…and doing much better.

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From what I’m reading, it’s mostly for treating mania and psychotic symptoms not usually anxiety. I only ever have short periods of mania, once in a while. I don’t know why she would prescribe this, instead of other more common anxiety meds?
And all I’m reading are bad things about it and it’s side effects. I really don’t think I want to take it.

It made me constantly tired as well. Sorry, but those were my experiences. I wish I could say something more positive about that drug, but it just didn’t work out for me. And weight gain as well. My abilify has been weight neutral so far.

Thanks for sharing.
So far all I see are negative reviews, anyways.
I also have an eating disorder and am afraid of weight gain, so that’s putting me off even more.
Not to mention the risks with heart problems and electrolyte imbalances, which I already struggle with…

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Perhaps others on this forum could chime in with their own experiences on Risperidone.

Just because I had a lousy time with it doesn’t mean others did as well.

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Risperdal used to be my go to medication. It’s alright.

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Common side effects of Risperdal include:

  • extrapyramidal effects (sudden, often jerky, involuntary motions of the head, neck, arms, body, or eyes),
  • dizziness ,
  • tiredness ,
  • drowsiness ,
  • fatigue ,
  • fever ,
  • weight gain ,
  • feeling hot or cold,

Risperidone was really good… for me till i smoked a little pot… then boom here we are again square one…

Hmm… and also i was not living right as well. Obessed with trying to be like faker (No.1 League of legends player)… Staying up at irregular times, drikin a ■■■■ ton of coffee… not sleepin right… drinking hard liquor every night with my uncles…Smoking ciggies… was doin everything wrong… really…

And yeah i can relate to you talking about being a zombie, I got that a lot.

Im on clozapine now… im doing way better… Clozapine + abilify.

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Yes it’s the symptoms like the first one that scare me the most. Things like that can be permanent and from damage. The other symptoms I deal with often, just because of improper nutrition, over-exercising, and stress. Having them increased by meds, does not sound like fun, to me.

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Taking care of yourself is important. I dont think weed alone has done this to you, sounds like it was a combination of many things.
I’m glad you found something that works for you, and I hope you’re taking better care of your health, these days. :slight_smile: Abilify didn’t work well for me. It made me more restless and manic than I ever thought I could be.
I’m thinking I might just hold off till my next appointment and ask for something different.

@Goodnight_Moon don’t worry so much.
Risperidone is a very effective AP for many people.
It’s one of my miracle drugs.

You could certainly try it to see if it’s for you.
It is not usually a big weight gaining med, there’s worse out there.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the response.
Are you currently taking it? How does it help?
I have a lot of anxieties and fears with meds, as you can see. :sweat_smile: …but for good reason. I’ve had a lot of problems in the past, some are permanent. Just trying to avoid it, again.
I like to be 100% certain of anything that goes into my body, now. :thinking:

I had to stop taking risperidone because of weight gain and sexual side effects.

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I’m currently taking it.
I’ve been on it for years.
I too am very sensitive to meds, but overall taking risperidone was a pretty smooth experience compared to the other APs I’ve tried.

But remember everyone reacts to meds differently.
It’s worth a shot!

It might help you.

Trust your doctor.


Risperidone worked well for me too

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I used to take 15mgs risperidone but I switched cos it didn’t work fully on my symptoms

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For me it was weight neutral, I would have erections but no sex drive, mild anxiety on it

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@unknown how are you today? Have you healed? How long did it take you?