Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well:-)

Met with my pdoc today, she has been considering a different med for me to help counter the continued monitoring I feel as well as the paranoia and belief that others can read my mind and I can hear other people’s thoughts. I’ve been on 350 mg of Seroquel for a couple of months and, while it’s helped she’s concerned that an increase in the Seroquel simply won’t produce the desired results.

Apparently she’s looking at Risperidone.

Could anyone with experience with that med post how well they thought the medication worked for them?

I’m also losing my pdoc…she’s rotating out and I’ll have a male pdoc within the next few months. Not sure how I feel about that, kind of feels like I’ll have to start from scratch.

It’s different for everybody, abilify was the only one that worked for me. Risperidone gave me suicidal ideation. But plenty of people here are on it and stable on it.

It’s all a bit Russian roulette, you have to try a med to see if it works or not.


Meds work differently for everyone - what works for you, may not work out for someone else.

With that said, Risperdal works great for me, but now I cannot tolerate doses over 3 mg really.

My current dose is 2.25 mg - and Im doing fine at this dose.

Risperdal binds tightly to dopamine receptors and works great usually against positive symptoms.

Its also an effective mood stabilizer for many people.

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That’s a really low dose of Seroquel. I would insist on having it raised. It only works as an antipsychotic at certain doses. With both the Seroquel and Risperdal you have to worry about weight gain. With the Risperdal too you have to worry about an increased Prolactin level. So I would just insist on raising the Seroquel. Good luck! :sunny:

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Thanks for the reply Wave:-)

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SunGirl, thanks for your reply:-)

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Reports on the meds say Seroquel and Risperdal are not primarily for paranoia or the belief that others can read your mind, although at high doses they’re supposed to help some. Please talk to your pdoc about meds that are primarily Dopamine blockers for paranoia.

I agree with the comments it may work for you. I’m on 8mg of risperidone and it has worked for me. I also had monitoring issues and once the medication took hold and started to work, I saw a lot of improvement. For me the positives outweighed the negatives of weight gain and increased prolactin levels. If you do have to change meds onto risperidone, here’s hoping you have the same success. Good luck