Anyone tried Risperdone?

I am thinking about giving Risperdone another try. I was given that at my 1st hospital stay but I don’t remember how it was because I had eyelid tremors as a side effect and the psychiatrist switched it. I don’t mind the eye tremors now because I read that Risperdone slightly improves negative symptoms by increasing D-serine thus increasing glutamate NMDA receptors function in the brain.

What side effects did you develop with risperdone?
Did it improve your negative and cognitive symptoms? (If you have these symptoms)

I did very well on risperidone when I was first put on it in 2005. Went into remission and eventually stopped meds with help of pdoc and for five years I was ok but my sza returned and I was put on risperidone again in 2012. But I stopped it a few months later because it was expensive and I didn’t think I’d need it. I was then put on amisulpride in 2013 and although it was also expensive I remained well when taking it so I didn’t switch back to risperidone again. But it was a good med for me.

The only problem I had with it was I lactated from my breasts so i think my prolactin levels were high. And had no libido. With amisulpride I have the same but I don’t lactate anymore except on very rare occasions

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Thanks for your input!

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I’m switching from risperdal right now but not because it didn’t work for me, but because of the weight gain. I did really well on risperdal, both with my negative symptoms and positive symptoms. It definitely beat out abilify for me in regards to effectiveness and side effects. Like I said, I’m switching because of the weight gain, but that’s the only reason I’m switching.

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Thanks! I hope you find a better med!

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LS! I have been taking 4 mg Risperdal (risperidone) for the last seven years. I am doing fine the last two years. But recently I have been warned by two cardiologists that it damages the heart. My psychiatrist is going to get in touch with my cardiologist ( I sometimes have a racing heart) and probably I will have to use another medication.

That’s sad. I hope you find a better med.

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