Just switched to abilify

What should I expect? I want direct responses, since I don’t really trust the generic stuff I find online. What have y’all experienced with Abilify? I’m taking the oral med instead of injection.

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Has the price for abilify gone down? I remember that I had to not take it and stayed psychotic because I couldn’t afford the medication.

I’m not sure. My medicaid pays for it fully.

I’m on 20mg of Abilify pills…

A bit of weight gain.

Less libido

Shorter attention span.

The upside though? It keeps me from talking to chipmunks and frying bacon in the nude.

Well, that’s not incredibly different than I’ve already experienced with risperidone! I hope it’ll stop my hallucinations.

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Respiridone made me tired all of the time. Abilify has given me more energy at least.

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That’s why my nurse practitioner switched me to Abilify, actually!

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It does not make me as tired as Risperdal, I get the injection, they say it is more balanced distribution, I have been getting some cramping in the legs, I meant to report it but forgot.

A generic was released within the past year or two. I know that I get it cheaper now than I used to.

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Overall, abilify (I’m also on the oral med) has worked wonders for me. Side effects I’ve been dealing with are weight gain and akathisia.

It’s really helped me stabilize though and I’m mentally feeling a lot, lot better than I was.

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I’m already a restless person, so I hope this doesn’t pose a problem for me.

Good luck! I heard when some people switch to it from an antagonist their symptoms temporarily get worse. That’s because your dopamine channels are going from closed to slightly open so your brain has to get accustomed to that.

Personally I had a pretty bad experience with it but I hope yours is better.

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