Rexulti recovery

Its been 2 months since taking my last dose of rexulti, i still feel the exact same as i was taking it, that is i feel nothing and get pleasure from nothing, its like my brain is stuck in one place and i cant feel anything. It makes everything impossible to do i dont know how to explain it. Anyone else feel this and recover???

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Negative symptoms are specific to SZ. I had them when unmedicated.

Actually Rexulti and Abilify are the best meds for negative symptoms but they only improve them slightly and doesn’t treat them.

What you are experiencing is negative symptoms which are apathy, avolition, self-neglect, asociality and anhedonia. I have all those and my psychiatrist said there is no meds for them yet.

Maybe KarXT (Xanomeline) in the future:

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No ive never had these symptoms until taking rexulti and have had them ever since. Its not a normal for me at all. It may be negative symptoms but they are caused directly by the rexulti


It is like a brain inflammation thing. If you have too much you start losing your emotions.

My psy said Rexulti and Abilify improve negative symptoms and they did for me but I had serious side effects so I stopped.

When did you get diagnosed and when did you start taking APs? Which ones?

Do you know if and when it might stop?

I got dxed in 2017 and started then on seroquel for up until a year ago when i decided it was too sedating. Since then ive been through risperidone, vraylar (idk if thats even an ap? My psychiatrist was really shady), abilify, rexulti, geodon and fanapt. Geodon was awesome but i couldnt continue bc of side effects

And you never had negative symptoms on any of those meds? Very weird.

Vraylar is also good for negative symptoms. You might try going back on it if you didn’t have any negative symptoms while on it.

It doesn’t just stop, you have to do something with diet and supplements and meds to reduce the brain inflammation and get back to a normal feeling. Otherwise it’s just going to be like that.

What exactly am i supposed to do?

Please let me know where i need to start. I need help so desperately i cant explain and i cant handle how much worse its getting

Try this for starters:

Then this:

Thank you so much. I will try these immediately thank you so much

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No problem! Good luck.

I’m going to try a PEMF device, that should help more. Will post if it works. I’ll tag you.