Rexulti review

I began 2mg (therapeutic dose, with an outcome of 2mg after long periods being nearly identical to the effects of max dose 4mg) last night after detoxing Geodn (hell…) for the past two days, and wow, I feel myself. I read half a text on philosophy, which I dabble in, and my symptoms are in good order, that, and I slept well last night on my 2mg evening dose.

I feel mild akathisia in my left leg, but nothing intolerable. I have some complications with blood pressure medication but this med seems to be treating me better- mine was 140/80, 60bpm, which is not too bad, especially for someone who vapes a whole lot like I do (I sit and read and vape for 5-10 hours a day). I highly recommend this drug. There is a coupon for Rexulti which most people qualify for, I don’t, so when the med goes off its patent by the pharma corporation I will be paying a reasonable price (should be off the patent in one year) but for now my parents are paying out of pocket for the medication.

This med has a very desirable side-effect profile, it is a wonder drug of sorts, as it is state-of-the-art and new. It is basically a successor of abilify, weight-neutral, moderately sedating, enough to help sleep problems and rest well, but doesn’t zombie you out the next day. It has low incidences of everything except akathisia (14% incidence) and is just great on paper and great for my brain.

Highly recommend, if you can manage to try it affordably, I would suggest that it is superior to most antipsychotics, so give it a shot- the odds are that it will help.

Just sharing my positive experience with a treatment for this waking nightmare we all suffer from, hope it is useful. I have done my research on it, so questions are very welcome.


What I’ve been saying to prescribers who want to change my meds is, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”


Do u have negative symptoms, if so, does it help (particularly anhedonia)?

How long have you been taking Rexulti so far?

about a week and a half, but on the 2mg for less than a week. @Esmtim yes I have milder ones such as not showering or having any expression (flat affect) and I can become pretty anhedonistic off meds (just sort of sit there and wait for time to pass between sessions of trying to go to sleep), for example, when I was going off Geodon very quickly, I didnt practice hygiene and realized I was like wtf gross twelve hours after not bathing, Yeah, Rexulti has me on point with that stuff.

I should point out that my case is being severely complicated by propranolol adjustments, but the antipsychotic properties of the drug are apparent in my experience since taking a therapeutic dose. I am mentally acute and I studied for hours yesterday with no problems. I have to sort out the propranolol which was for hypertension caused by Geodon, now that Geodon is out of my system, I don’t need nearly as much propranolol. In fact, I feel woozy and my blood pressure and heart rate are relatively low.

For some reason, they are giving me Rexulti for free…which I do not understand, but I will keep gladly taking the ■■■■, it is the new ■■■■ and I am here to show that it is dope. It is like someone liked the idea of Abilify and then made a better version of it which doesn’t cause weight gain or restlessness.


I’m glad that the rexulti is working out for you @mortimermouse. I’m glad you are able to read on it.

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Good thing you found a good med. No weight gain? Thats good to hear

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I have some unusual muscle aches from this med…but I can still workout. It’s been nearly two weeks on 2mg and now I realize that it’s making my skeletal muscles ache when they should have recovered by now. For example I was leaning on my left arm and it hurt, then I noticed that my right shoulder hurt too when I move it. I didn’t workout today, and it’s not normal soreness- I have that where I should, in my chest from the last workout I did.

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The soreness could go away in time.

I would take a wait and see approach.

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How are your achy muscles and soreness from working out , i notice the same dffects after working out and im on Abilify. You think the doctor could prscribe anything for it?

Hey @mortimermouse - How’s Rexulti treating you so far?
is it controlling the Positive symptoms? Give us an Update

@shhnackspace @Wave

It has me tight as a drum. Been sleeping eight hours and been getting my studying done well. Positive symptoms are scattered here and there but they’re not interfering with functioning or causing serious distress.

Negative symptoms friggin shot down dead.

Cognitive glitches still around, but still performing. Feeling more energy in the day to be honest. My mood is less irate and more reasoning. Probably feeling a little more energy because I am sleeping well.

Muscle aches are minor but enough to note. I am still nailing my workouts and my body is in superb shape. I won’t spam with pictures of me but you can find them if you hunt my posts history recently. For example, I just did my pull exercises routine and feel great, ready to study more (I got 20 single spaced pages of notes written and then went over them to commit them to memory in six hours yesterday, on a Sunday) and well my left shoulder started to ache so bad while typing that I had to take a one hour break.

But it might be normal for that to happen after several hours of nonstop typing at a desk…

I have been on a therapeutic dose of 2mg for two weeks and I give Rexulti a 5/5. Best med I have ever taken so far. Works so well in my case. I wake up from nightmares as usual, but now I can go back to sleep.

I wish I had faith to thank god but I have skepticism and now find myself deciding to devote my life to mental health science to show my thanks. I mean it was doctors and professors and researchers who made this happen…best become one to give back. I mean especially when I have been advised to do so by a bunch of doctors and professors.

It will probably work for me until iti-007 comes out. It should work for a few years. Maybe several.


This is good news Mortimer, I am happy that its working out for you

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I had such high hopes when I tapered off of seraquel thatt Rexulti was going to give me the mental clarity i needed to get through my day. First i think i was transitioned too quickly to 4mg. I was so flat and miserable. I couldn’t seem to engage with anything. What was crazier was I didn’t even feel the Adderal. I was tired and had barely enough edge to function.

I wanted so much for this med to be the answer. Now I have to start over again.