Any reports on Rexulti?

I don’t know if I need another pill I am dependent on, but I could use a lift. The secondary symptoms of sz are brutal. Has anyone had good results from Rexulti?

I changed from Abilify to Rexulti and am so glad that I did. I no longer have tremors, high anxiety, drooling or low energy. The only negative for me has been the weight gain issue but I had that on Abilify as well.

I can"t thank my Pdoc enough for the medication change.

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Rexulti was like a magic pill for me. No negative side effects for me personally. It doesnt make me tired or numb, and it helped with negative symptoms too. Ive been on it for 4 yrs now

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Is there a different name for this drug

If there is I don’t know it.

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No, there isnt a generic yet.

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I take Rexulti as a second ap and a booster to my ad. I really like it. It seems to give me a little boost in the day helping to keep me out of bed and taking away the suicidal ideation and attempts that were causing me so much difficulty. I take 4mg now. I also take Saphris 20mg. I still get breakthrough symptoms though. Mostly just music in the afternoons and evenings, it’s basically an annoyance.

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