Return to work meeting went well

I had another return to work meeting yesterday.

Last week my psychiatrist cleared me to work three full time days a week.

It looks as though I can stay in the new team which is really good because I like the work, an more importantly, I really like the people.

I have one more week after this one of working three days at five hours per day (monday wednesday friday) then I can change to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday full time hours.

It looks as though I get to be rid of the occupational therapist soon too if it all works out.

Thanks for reading.


I have an occupational therapist too. I will start in June, but I got fired from a job.
I want to volunteer for now and see how it goes…

best of luck!

Thanks Karen! :hatched_chick:

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Good luck! Don’t stress yourself too much though :slight_smile:

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Yes I have to be careful doing full time days.

I will make sure I have a lot of breaks and try to break up my days with different tasks.

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