Ok I've made my mind up - not going back to this job at all

I know that I cannot just leave without notice for no reasons. But if I stay for another week i will get ill. I’m not on an antipsychotic anymore just the mood stabilisers so I have to be extra careful.

I start at 8:30 every morning and I only get paid for 7:30 hours. Not for the extra hours I stay behind trying to lessen the workload for the following day but it doesn’t stop. It won’t lessen. And just when I think I can breath along comes the manager "we have yet another meeting " on top of the other meetings I’m arranging.

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I don’t stay behind to lessen the workload so that she can give me MORE work. I do it to manage what I have. I never sit idle. Seems like to her if I don’t look stressed it’s ok to start giving me more.

@anon80629714 Please don’t feel bad for deciding to leave this job.
You know yourself and you know your limitations.

You are right, you don’t want to get sick and get destabilized over a stressful job.

You can always find a less stressful job or reapply with Disability if this is what you need.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


I was like this a few months ago. I told my manager that I need to reduce my work week by a day otherwise I wouldn’t be able to continue.

During the discussion it was highlighted that I work 5 days in four anyway, so they have allowed me to work four days as long as I do a full weeks hours in that time.

It may be worth trying something like this before you quit. They have to make reasonable adjustments so you can participate so you should be able to negotiate some relief.

May be an option before you decide to leave as it may work.

Apologies if you have made your decision already, just thought I’d highlight that you have the right to adjustments to help you cope. Depends on the employer though as to how much you can get.

Hope you sort something soon.

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She said she can reduce my workload. On Monday she wants to discuss my routine in a day. But the thing is when I get emails it’s impossible to ignore them for later. It takes a whole month to arrange for one meeting , a lot of prep goes into it. I don’t have only one meeting there like 4. She’s constantly picking out mistakes and I think it’s cos I am all over the place at once. Multitasking isn’t for me. I’d rather get paid less in a job less stressful

It sounds like we work with pretty similar pressures.

I would have gone for a less stressful job but I moved out of my parents in September and I cannot afford to be paid less otherwise I will lose my flat. It’s already caused two relapses since then.

What kind of work do you think would be better?

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Well my last job was perfect. My contract ended though. Things were never given to me last minute so I was always prepared and never stressed about it. It was also quite routine and things didn’t happen unexpectedly and if it did I was slowly introduced to those changes. I’d also get an hours lunch and if I didn’t turn up one day it’d be ok cos other people also knew my work stream. There were more of us doing a similar job. But that don’t happen here.

Like last minute in the last meeting 5 mins before it was due to start she said did you print the documents. How am I supposed to know if you don’t tell me that beforehand. I printed out 10 copies of 50 pages each.

With the meeting coming up next week if I quit she may even have to cancel the whole meeting. No one else does my job.

I’m sorry @Joker it’s a difficult position to be in I imagine. Do you work perm ? And did you work though your relapses?

The fact that you were fine in a previous job shows you can be fine somewhere else. Is there no possibility of approaching where you worked before to see if they have anything for you?

I don’t want to go back. It’s outside London. And also because although I liked the job I think I don’t want to be in touch with the people anymore. I was symptomatic at times around then and feel like a laughing stock . I want a fresh start.

Yeah it’s permanent. I was on benefits for 6 months a few years ago and then got an entry level job there as my mum works for the company. I have changed role now which was fine until I moved out. I could have quit anytime before living with parents but now not having that is a lot of pressure.

I ended up in hospital both times, but I discharged myself and went back to work afterwards. They were not as full-blown as before but were pretty bad.

Was basically the stresses you’re describing that have caused it and no way out.

I’m sorry @Joker I can’t say I know how that feels but must be hard on you. I hope you get some relief from it soon. Have you considered looking while you are there? I know that’s easy to say probably get so tired to even look