Residual symptoms in SZA?

I had a video call with my pdoc. I said I’m doing well. I asked him what it means when I have very intensive/intrusive thoughts about a microchip in my armpit and other intrusive and obsessive thoughts. I told him again they are worse when I’ve been drinking alcohol. He told me I have residual symptoms and they he believes I’m managing them well. He said I’m fortunate as I function well as haven’t got the same difficulties as some people with SZ/SZA.

Can I ask do other people here having residual symptoms but doing okay on meds… I’m much better then I was 3 years ago. I do think Invega injection works well for me.

Sounds like if you just quit drinking alcohol you’d be pretty stable.

I’ve quid drinking. I’m doing okay. I still get persistent intrusive thoughts but coping. With alcohol these thoughts become obsessive. I need a stress free life and I can’t cope with change. My life is stable atm. I feel happy. I’m walking over 10 miles 3 times a day and lost 8.8 ibs in 14 days.


Glad you stopped drinking.

Congratulations on the weight loss and healthy changes.

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Thank you goldenrex. Hope you are doing well?

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I’m doing pretty good,

Thanks for asking.

I hope you continue with the healthy changes and grow less concerned about the microchip.

Sounds like you’re on the right path.

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I’m doing quite well haven’t had severe depression since November except for a slight glitch in May. Recently had a couple of hypomanic and mixed days but mood has been relatively good and I coping ok. I haven’t heard much voices or had inserted thoughts much either. Just a passing glitch every now and then.

Makes me wonder if my sza even there still but my pdoc says it is.

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I’m sza and doing really well. No depression or hypomania. No paranoia or thought insertion.
Only the occasional mumbling voices and musical hallucinations. And occasional insomnia. So yes, I guess I have residual sza.


I’m still schizo-affective. They tried saying I was in remission, probably to get my off the government benefits, which was crude and mean.

I often attribute my recovery, especially my “blindness” or 2d vision to supplement use over years, but that doesn’t mean I’m cured or recovered at all.

I still have really bad negative symptoms. I have delusions some of which I believe in and some of which I reject.

I drink 10 energy drinks a day to cope, which just makes my illness 10x worse and makes me broke. I tried having a beer once in a while, and it seems to undo or cancel out the simulant use of the energy drinks, calms me down, and gets rid of the anxiety. In no way shape or form am I recommending drinking, but I need to quit the energy drinks and learn to just cope. I get scared when I don’t drink the energy drinks because I feel extremely bored and sad. I also feel nothing, but it’s different than if one had borderline personality disorder, which I don’t have.

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