Anyone have no syptoms of sz or sza...?

anyone here beat it?

Yeah, I think so. I have a lot of social anxiety, but I don’t have any positive or negative symptoms and I know they are not going to come back.


welcome to the healed club missus

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Mostly it was due to having knowledge and recognising when I was having positive symptoms. Left me a bit of a mess though, but I got myself back eventually.

no douth time is a healer espically in my case, i feel gr8 everyday

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I pretty much beat it with meds and two supplements, but now I’m trying to wean off meds and one of the supplements. That part is hard.

Fighting with voices again, but my head pressure is bearable now.

the meds relax you why stop them, meds relax people

Haldol blunts my mood, and fosters dependence. Also it causes brain shrinkage and oxidative stress, things I want to avoid to actually heal my blood-brain barrier.

Haldol was alright for reducing head pressure and symptoms, and I have the bottle there as a PRN if things get hairy, but I feel that true recovery is possible without them.

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look its better to take meds than not kk

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Yeah, that’s the safest thing to do.

I’ve been around the block with my medication and symptoms though, been dealing with it for 5+ years. I feel I know my sanity level very intimately now, to be able to handle going off meds.

This process of weaning off took many months though. 4.5 months roughly.

I have no positive symptoms but a lot of negatives and some cognitives. I’m sza.

im feeling good now. but i am still struggling with motivation. been having a hard time getting chores done but i get around to it eventually. just now starting to look for work again.


I went symptom free for a few years but it came back in 2012. I cycle between stability and episodes. (I’m sza) At moment I’m coming out of a slight relapse due to lowering my meds dose but now back on good dose and feeling better. I’m not totally symptom free though as Alien and Sarah live inside of me constantly and my motivation levels still bad (as they usually are). But no depression at moment.

I don’t experience positive symptoms but I experience a lot of negatives from the medication I believe. I also think I more than likely am on the autism spectrum and not sz.

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