Those with sz/sza

Is your mi getting better or worse over time?

Eg. Ten years ago i was barely working / now im barely functioning with symptoms difficult to cope with daily

How is it for you?

Better. No positives, improving negatives.


I am happier and the most stable ever been in my life.
No positives and I got used to the negatives, I used to stay in bed all day but now I sometimes watch tv. Earlier today I watched a 2hr movie, Dr Strange 2016 on Disney+. It was great. I also play video games daily with a friend. He also calls me everyday to talk. On weekends we talk for hours.


Better. I had a major psychotoc break several years ago and spent two years in an out of hospitals. On the highest doeses of meds.

I spent a long time as a zombie. No emotion, apathy, no motivation. Just a lump on a log.

I got sick of it and started fighting to get back to being me. I asked for Abilify and to lower my Invega dose. After a while I asked to go off Invega and try Abilify shots- doc put me on Aristada which is virtually the same as Abilify but for sz.

I got more of myself back, but after a while I needed to get off the AP because I could not deal with the side effects and my mi d wasuch clearer and more stable than it had been in years.

My doctor agreed and prescribed me 1mg risperdone to take if I have any positoce symptoms. It’s been over a year off, I think, and I have not needed that at all.

I still have somepositive symptoms,but nothing I can’t handle for now.


Oh right hey good to hear!

Im like a different person unrecognisable
Not just the weight gain but all the symptoms etc my parents say im different worse and they want me on antidepressants as well so will ask doctor next week

I’ve been improving. But the first six years were the worst. They were pure hell.

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It got worse before medication and now it’s better.

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well. when i got out of the hospital i couldnt even walk out to the street. now i’m driving again after years of not doing it. i dont have a friend in the area who wants to see me but i go to a clubhouse. my anxiety has been cripling. not happy. got thought broadcasting badly and have since just before my stay in hospital where they put me on risperdal and i regained my touch with reality. first few months there i thought i’d been in the army laughs. but didnt tell anyone that. they just asked me if i was hearing voices. i want to work part time as i’ve tended to burn out on full time work in the past.

i fear its just the same as it’s been without having any breaks since i was about 34 or 35. i miss the security of my 20’s. had all the time in the world.

Life has ground me down a fair bit, but if I can sort out my new job and do it well, I will be back to some sort of normality.

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I went from having an extremely poor prognosis back around 1994 (was told I would live in managed care) to working full-time by 1998 or 1999. My relapses became fewer over time and I haven’t had one for years. I still need my APs because of mild ongoing positive symptoms (voices, sounds, and delusions). They become stronger and overrun me if I go off meds - I always lose insight eventually. The negative symptoms have been horribly frustrating to live with, but I guess they’re permanent. I just keep pushing back against them.

Am married, have an adult kid, have a carrer, enjoy my hobbies, and am part of my community. I can pass for normal for extended periods when I need to. Life is okay.


I seem to be a little worse but it’s also because I’m not always very med compliant. But when I take the meds I’m able to cope better. But I need more meds than before, so maybe I’m getting a little worse

This is an interesting question.

I was doing my Master’s while psychotic and not being medicated around 11-12 years ago. Then, the psychosis worsened and I started hallucinating. After 11 years of trial and error on medications my health has stabilized. But, without medication, based on the available evidence, it has worsened.