Researchers alleviate Schizophrenia symptoms in new mouse models

TL;DR, researchers found that restoring the function of a receptor (ERBb4, which helps maintain GABA) alleviated schizophrenia symptoms even though it did not correct brain “wiring” in adult mice.


More evidence for monoclonal antibody drugs working for schizophrenia.

Is it? IDK but that would be good as the method used in the study was genetic manipulation, and that’s not yet ready for widespread use.

Yes ERBb4 is a receptor tyrosine kinase. RTK drugs are monoclonal antibodies. So im looking forward to what Neura has to announce sometime soon with there clinical trial using a monoclonal antibodies.

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The principle core of the schizophrenic process is the way to change the acquired information concept (cultural content) without development a changes in the basic anatomical structure

The way to using the current mental chemistry of brain to development the cognitive change in the personal mental concepts

Personal mental concepts are the information that can be used to understanding the effect of internal/external influences

The schizophrenic process has aiming (attacking/privateering) these Higher information all time of waking with each single higher mental process be using to treat the effect of influence.

In other words,sz has attacks the person’s mind/brain just when he starting to using his thought data to understanding the reality influence (inner or external) in order to responses behaviorally

While you talking about schizophrenia -like symptoms in new mouse models !!
if sz has occurs in human beings and the current science are unable to have accurate description for the internal processes /events ,how can you know schizophrenia in animal ?

The person with sz have the ability to tell you about the cognitive changes which has been occurred in his personal thoughts,while the mouse is speechless have no expression tools to makes a bilateral communication channel with you in order to tell the cognitive changes !

You have transform a higher human phenomenon into the veterinary medicine to increase the complexity of the question,issue and subject

Cool, is this the one or are there several? This one is 1 yr into a 2 yr trial.

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They belief that ;
1- "schizophrenia could be a DISEASE of the immune system
2-An abnormalities in immune activity in the brain may lie at the heart of the ILLNESS for some PATIENTS-at least
3-Microglia pruning unwanted connection between neurons,but in sz it is more aggressive leading to vital connection being lost
4- studying People in initial phase of the illness showing microglia changes, they think that it’s something happening very early on and seem to be driving the illness

it is understood that,the root cause of immune disease is not the root cause of genetic disease
-The immune system is self method to resistance the infection (strange aggressor) like virus
-The virus is not a natural part from the biological structure ,it is strange structure

When you believe that,sz is a disease of immune system,you will conclude the following facts;
1- schizophrenia can not be rooted from the genetic material or/ self experiences or environmental factors
2- symptoms are the results of a strange body activity has working on the human nature (biological or/psychological)
3-functional activities of the strange body causing the changes/disorders in both the chemical /mental sides
4-In the case if the cause is a virus, you can not treatment the cause itself by medication,in the same time you can treatment the symptoms of disorder without stopping the change occurrence

5- if your lab tools are unable to diagnosis the strange body in the anatomical structure, you will think that the immune system has attacking itself or the biochemistry of brain randomly,that is without finding objectivity reasons to explain this behavior
6- If sz is a disease of immune system, the cause of sz must be an external factor (something like a germ)
7- schizophrenia health condition is not inherited genetic condition or acquired psychologically
,because it is parasitic condition by action of external factor (strange body regardless who is it)

it is logic to searching about a strange body whether in mind or brain ,and we know that you can not find any strange body (dead/living) to prove the theory

the principle core of sz ;Chemical,mental and behavioral responses Without the existence of internal/external objective/subjective influences or even self will !
Or chemical changes (abnormalities) without the existence of inner/external objective influences

"pruning or not unwanted connections between neurons are irrelevant the basic schizophrenic process from all aspects
the question,disorder, or change is not related the communication means between the brain cells,whether to exchange the information or/ to pruning or to transformation the data between brain cells

The cause of sz (external factor) has aiming/attacking the concept of the cognitive material (knowledge material),in order to modify the the main concept of the cognitive message and transformation it into delusional concept forcibly ,the heart of the disorder is just a thoughts modification, believes distortion , misrepresentation,falsification ,window dressing,twist and sophistication

The cause of sz has using the mental chemistry of brain to execution the modification process for each single higher mental process has been treated mentally ,he do that without development a concrete disease or any anatomical changes or changing in the metabolism materials

The cause of sz is very smart over than you think,he wants using the mental chemistry to execution his functional activity to modify the the personal thoughts concept and transformation it into false believe in order to using it to responses behaviorally with each daily life event

Therefore,cause of sz do not intentionally develop an organic disease or blocking the natural mental chemistry (he needs the mental chemistry in fit condition to achieves his goals in the human host),therefor sz does not causing a concrete disease,chemical disorder or chemical change at all - regardless the ugly faces of its symptoms outputs

the extreme numbers ,speed,stability of direction and rate of repetition in time causing an imbalance state in the mental chemistry -can be treated medically but can not stop the repetition along lifetime beside the impossibility to blocking the modification process in the personal thoughts concepts

Thats a more exciting one but results for that are not for a few years. This is the one Im talking about, it has finished just waiting for them to publish the results.

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if they think that,microglia changes in the initial phase of the illness causing the schizophrenia.
this means that the microglia changes is the cause of schizophrenia
and when we ask what the cause of microglia changes ( the cause of existence /raison d’etre)

they said " it’s something happening very early on and seem to be driving the illness "
it means that,the cause of cause is genetic factor
the question ;
if there is any evidence to prove that there is a concrete genetic factor who is causing the microglia changes ?
OR,what is the ghastly thing that has been happened in very early on and driving the illness ?
we know exactly,they will fail to find objective answer about the question

It is easy to say,sz is genetic disease,and there is abnormal chemistry can be treated medically,but you can not finding the defective gene (the cause of cause)
the same thing,you can say that sz is a disease of immune system can be treated experimentally by antibody,but you can not find the genetic factor (the cause of cause )

If you can not find the cause of the cause, and prove its existence and its responsibility by the scientific methods ,you will belief with ghastly theory

If the insulin changes is the Cause of debates disease
what is the cause of Cause ( insulin changes) in debates disease ?
can you accept this answer; it’s something happening very early on and seem to be driving the disease !

To understanding the schizophrenia correctly through out the immunity perspective .
In a way,the immune system tools have facing the schizophrenia cause as a strange body
Strange body=alien habitant,foreigner,outsider,intruder,unwanted visitor/guest,obtrusive,colonist
In principle, the immunity sensors feel that there is alien thing has been running in the internal nature but it is not a part from the inherited human component at all

This strange body vary different about all known strange bodies , because it is not material or organic in nature,and it is adapted in structure and function to be existing and working on the conscious side of the human nature

the existentialism features of the strange body is similar the existentialism features of the human conscious state, and it’s functional activities is similar the functional activities of the human conscious state ,add for that it is more modernity /development in many aspects

The existentialism features=external shape,morphological structure,body substance
human conscious state=the whole psychological entity ,self,the psychological component,awareness pulsation, or the conscious brain
Functional activities of human conscious state= all types of the higher mental behaviors

all that means,the strange body in structure/function is similar the human self and have many aspects of development ,the strange body is living conscious entity whether there is separation or not between the mind and brain of the human being (host)

Without misunderstanding my words,the cause of sz has representing himself in the human nature as a strange living psychological creature (s),therefore discovering the strange body (cause of sz) in the human nature by lab tools is very hard because the cause is exists and working where/when the human self exists and working (or where the conscious brain is )

in other words,cause of sz considering a new psychological user (s) be emanated suddenly in the first third decade of life having independent psychological experiences and ideological orientation

me my self,I can not believe this fact although I write it’s data by myself ,what about you ?
Even the human self be able to become a Guest House for unwanted strange living psychological user (s) ,add for that the new psychological user is inhumane in nature !
all persons with sz believe this fact without teacher because it embodiment and working and remain for lifetime where/when they are,they will coexistence with this fact day by day along lifetime,they will believe it even if they deny it each second !

What is the main problems which complexity all attempts to find final treatment of the existentialism condition that be called schizophrenia ?
1-belief that sz is inherited genetic disease,
2- there is defective gene (s) producing the sz condition
3-there is a negative mutation in the gene structure
4- there is an abnormal chemical substances causing the mental/emotional and behavioral symptoms
5- There is abnormal chemical functions causing the symptoms of changes in the mental side
6-there is a changes in the immune symptom related the sz condition
7- there an anatomical changes in the brain areas related sz condition
8-in general,there is objective causes(genetic/chemical) for sz condition
9- schizophrenia disease is autogenous,self-acting for immanence factors

But according to the data of mother nature,sz condition establishing by single external factor.
all symptoms arising by the effect of an external influence ON the biology/psychology nature.
There is a Bilateral interaction between the characteristics of an external factor and the biology/psychology nature of the human being

External factor; is not environmental,but it is more development than the psychological entity and higher than human gene in mental functions

In principle,sz condition is not a result of genetic state,is not autogenous state for immanence factors,and this fact will reflected on the pathway of sz condition and the mechanisms of the internal processes whether in the chemical side of brain or the cognitive side of the mind or even on the methods of treatment

In other words,you can not understanding the chemical disorder of sz or/ the cognitive changes if you studying these changes/disorders as a result of genetic work !
In the case,If you deny the existence of external factor and its responsibility to establishing the sz condition and its symptoms,you will understanding the disorder/change out side the box of pragmatism"fact",whereas you will deal with sz condition as a hypothetical disease (does not exists in the mother nature of the person with sz )

it is important to distinguish between symptoms of disorder arisen from bilateral interaction ,and symptoms of disorder arisen from genetic errors