Genetic Scientists Eliminate Schizophrenia Symptoms in Mice



It’s too bad they found only a small number of human patients with schizophrenia had abnormal levels.


We need to keep pushing for more research


Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.


Nice find. They should really start to work on the cause of sz. Go “all-in” in identifying the cause.

Any scientist who will answer this question, “what is the cause of sz? And how do we cure that?”, will win a nobel price.

Most probably there isn’t one cause for all patients.


Is mouse sz same as people sz?

Mice are animals. Animals have different illnesses. But i guess im not as smart as scientists.

And i have never seen a psychotic mouse.


Not at all. AFAIK, there are no good animal models of sz.


Monkeys are good for observing medication side effects. They socialize and stuff.


Do any of these schizo mice commit suicide ?


I don’t think they have the mental abilities to plan out a suicide.


I just watched a video called suicide mouse. Holy crap, it was nasty.

Dam it, leave those mice alone.