Religious Delusions

I have a voice in my head that says christian religion blasphemous thoughts. I’ve thought i was possessed by a demon for 1.5 years and was going to burn in hell forever. I would hallucinate colors out of my vision, have short term memory, felt terrible suffering, was unhealthy from smoking cigarettes, and felt enslaved inside my body, like your mind was asleep and you didnt decide anything you do in your life. I’ve tried to kill myself over 50 times but i just cant escape this hell i live in. I am hopeless and weary but i still hold strong to my faith. Its like im living in a fog inside my mind. I take risperdal which has helped but the voices are still there. Weird thing is though, everytime i seek from the lord if im going to hell or not, he tells my heart im saved. Some scripture has helped me cope with this illness.

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. "

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They got you to huh?

This book that you are talking about right now, it never mentioned a “hell” at all. There was only the grave, death, becoming nothingness, unconscious. They just put “hell” in there where it used to say the grave or death.

And the “lake of fire” was just a metaphor and was never “forever and ever”, they just decided to put the words "forever and ever " in there, perhaps they thought it would be fun to do that.

See, there is no “hell”, There is only the grave and judgement, neither are eternal in this book.

if you do bad things e.g kill some one you will go to a hell,
if you are a good person heaven.
don’t be to hard on your self, heaven and hell exist yes , but do good things in your life , being kind to others you’ll be fine.
take care

Most if not all my delusions are religious based. I get so crazy thinking and talking about the end being near and gods told me things and devils spoke to me. Also aliens. I get to crazed about them too.