Religious beliefs

Im very religious. Ive read the bible from start to end. When I was most delusional, I believed that I could talk with archangel Gabriel. He was one of the voices I heard. I also belived God was speaking directly and constantly showing me signs of his existence. If I had a visual hallucination I would believe it was from him.

Now I realize that my excessive religousness is a coping mechanism I learned as a child in a very turbulent and abusive house. In my powerlessness as a child, I would pray to god that it would stop.

Now as an adult I think this kind of thinking is holding me back from taking action to better my life. I no longer need to take refuge with god, but can now take responsibilty for my own life, which I was unable to as a child.


I’ve been visited by Ariel a few times and she has given me messages and prophecies that proved true. I’ve had numerous prayers answered and signs & guidance from God…many things proving true or seen by more than one person that cannot possibly be delusions or hallucinations.
While I do take responsibility for my own life, as the Bible teaches to do, there is a balance between the physical and spiritual. It is a life long learning experience, and not something I would ever exchange for anything else.

I find religious “beliefs”, scary.

I asked many people about their religious beliefs and how they supported them. I asked them if the religion that they believe in is of their own choice. They all said yes. I then asked them if it seemed bizarre to them that, despite this independent choice, they also happen to be of the same religion as their parents and that this is a global phenomena. After all, how can it be an independent choice if this is the case.

Anyhow, they got angry and basically left or changed the subject since they were not able to discern the difference between belief and being programmed.


In many cases it is children imitating parents… so it is something taught and learned. however i have known many instances where this is not the case. Many pagans whose parents are Christians.
Mine is a bit complex. My parents would call themselves "Christian - protestants’ My Mom was more of a Unitarian type, my Dad a baptist. I believe in and follow Jesus but it is quite different from my parents way, especially my moms. I also hold many Native American & Faerie beliefs which my parents do not, and have practiced with the shamans. This was personal choice. I basically was blacklisted by mainstream churches for ‘paganism,’ and have been called a witch before.
When my Mom was alive i tried to explain the Gnostic beliefs and native, faerie beliefs and she was totally confused and closed to such things.
So, while I might believe in Jesus I do not follow the religion of my parents. I do not believe in denominationalism, or the protestant label as i am not protesting…My Moms family blasted a family member for marrying a Catholic and I thought it was ridiculous. When I was in Boy Scouts they took us to a catholic church one weekend and my Mom blasted the troop leader for this… when the only reason I was uncomfortable at all in the church was because my family had declared it was an evil religion… in fact I ended up marrying someone who was raised catholic but also did not believe in denominationalism…my wife died with my Moms rosary in her pocket…now what the hec was my Mom doing with a rosary if she was so anti catholic in her younger years? LOL

Religious beliefs were also a coping mechanism for me. It was how I was taught, and it was the “holiest” escape route, so I took it. It was hell to do this, but after years of being wrapped in the stuff, I let go of it. Over a span of 3 months it washed out of my brain and I never looked back.

I do have beliefs, even beliefs of god(s), but more so “higher powers”. I don’t place a universal value on them any higher than any other human. If in existence, they are purely more powerful and knowledgeable etc…

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I like your free individualism big time.

100 points to you.

I am glad to see that you look at the bigger picture.

God held me back for a long time.After i suffered so long i starte listening to all kinds of music i. Would never listen to before,it felt dark and good,good mind made me say ive been through so much pain i dont care if demons dancing around in my soul if it makes me feel good,i found bliss in imperfection, i knew god had to be alright with it like it or not,cuz i still loved him,imperfection and joy in it wascthe key that opened the door to me still having peace with god

Jesus talks to me i hear him and there are times when i see him .
The devil also talks to me i see his demons around trying to get my husbands soul
because he isn’t christian
i pray for him

It is relatively obvious to anyone who works with sz patients that there’s an unusually high percentage of them who are conditioned, socialized, habituated and normalized to “religious obsession” without being able to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand that such is the case with them… and why. One might be able to grasp this by looking into the concepts of “socialization” and “social proof.”

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I have also read the bible, many times, and the quran also. but i never become overtly religious because of them. i think they have too many “mistakes” in them to be “gods word”.

i see all religion largely as forms - myth,symbol, analogy & metaphor. There is no ultimate ultimate.

The religious can be spiritual, i don’t see them as mutually exclusive areas - But i’d identify with a non-religious spirituality. Would also see a big difference between the exoteric with esoteric/mystical traditions.

i found listening to Atheists helpful, especially Christopher Hitchens.

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As for being held back…

Some aspects of some forms of Christianity celebrate sadism, wraith and conditional acceptance.
You want to make sure that your primary reason for subscribing to Christianity is not because you, yourself, condone those principles.

Some find “Hell” to be a Rorschac - “Do you approve of sadistic eternal torment for even the worst of people?”

and yes, some people do have to stop and think a moment about if Eternal Torture is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

On the other hand some Christian denominations do a great service to their community through charities.

Also, we should be aware of what we are subscribing too and also not judging things with bad reputations simply by word of mouth from those before us before coming into the full story ourselves. You should ask a Catholic priest what the true name of The Father is.

In the end it’s not so much the cosmetics, threats or moral suggestions of a template but rather the manner in which people, on and individual level, choose to associate and do with that template themselves.

Act as a scarecrow to try and enforce your will or help give aid to the less fortunate?