Theomania (God Delusion)

Not goin in depth, but I was wondering how many have experienced the concept known as theomania in which a person believes himself or herself to be God or specially chosen by God? What kind of adventures did you get involved in and did you seek more information?

I thought it was new terrority for me during my first experience and kinda scary or maybe i got alot of anxiety from it. physically, i moved real slow or it just felt like it because my mind was moving all matter telekinetic wise. my mind was united with others. seemed like i was being blamed for everything like i should or thought i should. I was a monothestic one and there was no separation except for choices and value of matters. i got to see the formation of the universe and gave secrets to uncurable diseases such as cancer and aids. It was kinda of a unique journey


no i’ve never had religious delusions so i can’t really comment i’m afraid. xxx

I didn’t have this in a normal sense. When I was 10 I was sure God spoke to me. I’m not being glib, the conversation with God was him telling me that He had wars and famine and epidemics to deal with so he just didn’t have time for me. But he would send someone down from heaven to help me out and keep me safe. But I would have to protect them until they were old enough to help me.

Nine months later, when I was 11, my kid sis was born. So in a way… I sort of saw her as the Daughter of God and it was my job to keep her safe and help her grow up.

Once my kid sister was born, God and I haven’t spoken since. We’re both Ok with that.

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Yeah when my illness set in my day to day was filled with miraculous happenings.
Then the tv started talking, told me I was God. Told me to keep getting high.
Ever since then “God” or something strong enough to act like one has been “talking” to me nearly everyday if not sending some ethereal being to do it for Him.

I’m a christian, but "His presence in my life makes me want to leave the faith honestly.
I think He keeps trying to make me go on epic journey’s, I sorta kinda tried once but it didn’t end well, Iv’e been pretty wary of all things supernatural, mystic, even things involving the subconscious and mental ability.

After pops passed I was rummaging through his highlighted bible and began to think I was Jesus reincarnated went around telling a friend this for weeks then I had delusions about the end of days then I thought Obama was the antichrist then I thought it was netenyahu. Then I thought it was me. I don’t really hear voices other then my own consciences racing thoughts … then I thought I was an animal (caveman) alien and human mixed together … lot of end time delusions mostly … I guess you are what you read or believe which is why I now look back on it and I’m learning to laugh and I read a helpful book that says we didn’t have a choice in our beliefs growing up we were fed them by parents schools social media … so the symbology in words or signs only has symbology because of what we were taught and chose to believe … in order to heal from the delusions I choose to take a step back from anything religious and I 1.) Doubt what most people’s opinions or beliefs are. 2.) Be Skeptical With anything. 3.) Don’t make assumptions …

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