Religious Delusions

I have many delusions about God and Earth, spiritual warfare, voices and visions – does anyone else feel this way, how do you make it stop?

You stay away from all religious materials and propaganda. It’s the onpy way to beat the delusions when paired with meds and therapy.


It’s true that too much religion for someone unstable might not be a good thing. Once you find that stability though and have a symptom plateau, maybe then it’s okay to re-integrate that.

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I was trying to get out of going to church with my Dad and then Corona hit and my prayers were answered. lol I feel like I grew up in the cult called Catholicism. I guess breaking away can be a hard habit to break. People in my town are still attending their churches and not social distancing. See exhibit A below. This was taken last week.


THAT is what Covid loves.

Religion And Spirituality Helps Me Everyday. One of The Main Reasons I Recovered From The Worst State That I Have Ever Been in. And One of The Key Reasons I Am Still Alive.

Enjoy The Language of Nature And Rest Peacefully in Scripture.

Much to Learn!.

That’s good for you, but others have hyperfocus and obsessive thoughts. That’s what we are addressing.


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I know @DearZombie! It is so scary!

@Ryanana, I agree with what you’re saying but we are not allowed to promote atheism. Just like we cannot promote religion.

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That’s a Weird Concept. Really Strange.

Can you help me re word what I wanted to say?

I mainly want to keep the bit about sin and karma, I don’t know how to phrase that within the TOS guidelines.

It’s pretty easy to reconcile notions like sin and karma with a fairly objective worldview.

The concept of “Non-Overlapping Magisteria” is what applies here.

Sin & Karma is Easy.

Do Unto Others As You Would Do Unto Yourself

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That doesn’t help you, if you have a troubled past though.

I don’t want people to feel doomed because they weren’t perfect.

A Troubled Past With Met With Kindness & Understanding

The only true perfectance is in recognizing your flaws and accepting the moment.

Everything else is an ideal.

Do Not Focus on The Past, or Plan For The Future, Live in The Moment

Are you really gonna recommend religion to religiously delusional people? That’s ■■■■■■■ sickening.