Has anyone here formed a male female relationship since getting schizophrenia? I’m so lonely and I don’t think anyone would want me anymore because of my paranormal schizophrenia.


Some yes. Here is a dating website for mentally ill like schizophrenia and others.


Me. DXed in 1994ish (I have some blank spots in memory for 93/94). Was back to work full-time by around 1998. Met wife in 1999. Married in 2000. Still married now and our daughter – born 2001 – is graduating at the end of this year.

It IS possible!



Your’e you own worse enemy, me too

I would just tell you, your’e special

men or women are not so bad to us, as being diagnosed.

I have a relationship since 2004.

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I think I have a better chance of having a relationship now than I have ever had!! Sometimes it takes a while. I’m 28. Was diagnosed in 2010. And now I’m better off than I ever was.


I was in a long relationship with a woman I wasn’t diagnosed at the time but it was obvious I was suffering from something eventually we broke up but I think there’s hope still

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I only got in one relationship for three months while sick before diagnosis and it sucked. Haven’t had any before or after that

you be so funny and shi=it.

I love hearing your comments.

But why can’t things just be fine?

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I know how you feel Rebecca…I never had a girlfriend and I have nt had a friend in over ten years…life can be lonely but you have us here and also there are dating websites lik ethe one above mentioned in 2nd post on this thread

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