Love life ? 1515

Have you been able to find a partner/relationship with schizophrenia?
How long did it take age etc // if not having one please tell too.

Where did you meet them etc,
Good for your lifestyle etc,
You have a sex life etc, etc etc

I’m 22 now have not had a relationship since 14/15.
Idk just asking this now because I’m depressed as hell about my life etc

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I haven’t had a bf since my divorce. I’ve never been good at relationships. Not easy to get a bf when I live in the woods with no :red_car:

why did you had divorce? if i may ask
and you live in woods? thats ■■■■■■■ awsome!

I was diagnosed with sz at about 20 am now 28 and have had a monogamous relationship for 2 years. It’s going well.

My ex husband couldn’t live with my illness. My dad moved my trailer onto his farm after I divorced. I would upload a pic of my front yard but my phone won’t let me upload

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I got married after schizophrenia and getting medicated. It didn’t last but it was more her problems than mine. I liked being married but some relationships just won’t last. So I was relatively late as I was diagnosed at 29. Married at 32 or a couple of years.

IT’s certainly possible to have good relationships if your stable enough. Medications take away all that paranoia and fantasy from my relationships with women. That makes it easier and having been through all that I’m positive about the future although it just is impossible at the moment mainly due to financial issues.

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Ive been sz for 2 years almost. No relationship. But i did go on a date a while ago (first date ever at 20) and she apparently liked me quite a bit she said but i couldnt handle it and broke it off after the first night. I screwed up. She was messed up but was pretty cool…ah well. I have difficulty with intimacy i guess.

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You don’t need a relationship to be happy even if the society tries to brainwash us that you do.


I got in a relationship before I was diagnosed. We met online back in the Myspace days in college. It’s good for my lifestyle. We get along well. He’s also got some mental illness so we’re a good fit for understanding each other. We don’t have a good sex life. It works for us, though. We have sex maybe twice a year.

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