Dating with Schizophrenia

Dating with Schizophrenia


In response to what he said at the end: I feel like I’m a normal person. I just happen to have Schizophrenia.
I know that I am more normal than some people without it.

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You never really know someone, I don’t care how long you know them, there is no guarantee they wont change over time. It’s all you can do to hope any change is for the better, but regular people can sometime turn pretty darn scary, and never get a diagnosis.

That guy in the article sounded pretty decent to me.
He just needs to find someone to look past the label to see the man, and not the label.


Good article. Thanks for sharing.

No dating for me, i never wanted to be here in the first place and im just doing my time and leaving, hopefully sooner than later.

Not to mention that is one of the very things that put me in this stupid shitty mess called earth, dating, if only my idiot parents had been homosexual i would have never had to look upon this dreadful torture fest.

Screw dating.

Before I was diagnosed I was engaged 3 times. The third time I got married to the woman for just over two years. I use to love it to be romantically involved with someone. I became ill with sz whilst I was married but wasn’t diagnosed untill seven years later. I now wish to believe that I am cured from any form of serious relationship. I have a very good friendship relationship with a lady friend but she is 14 years older than me so I am confident that nothing will ever come of this. In any case I don’t know how I would get pass the sz label if ever the opportunity for a serious relationship arrives. Thanks for the article SzAdmin.

I’ve decided to not date anymore. I’m all for having male friends though and want too. But i think marriage is not in the picture anymore for me. I’ve given up on that dream. But i still have others. :slight_smile:

I’m finally mostly stable. I’m happy to make friends and see where that is going. It’s odd, I really have no interest in “DATING”…

but hey, if you want to go out to a park for lunch and a chat sometime… I’m all behind that idea.

i think if we are looking for someone it is probably a good idea to get to know the person first like if we were doing something and we fall for someone after getting to know them better and they you, thats what i think anyway because i have tried everything else.

It looks like I’m going to start dating someone I work with. I’ve never had a problem with telling I’m schizophrenic because I don’t seem schizophrenic. The only time a girlfriend didn’t like me being schizophrenic was when I became fully psychotic while we were dating. Then I got better and we started going out again.

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That happened to me… I told this girl up front many time, but when I had a psychotic break she got freaked out and said, “Oh man, you really are Sz, I thought you were joking all this time” Then she left me.

I think thats why I tell so many people up front so quickly. I would rather they left me in the first few hours of knowing me rather then 6 months later when it will really hurt.

Im going to say it straight out - In todays world, dating can be out right dangerous. You dont know what to expect or who you will meet. People living with schizophrenia can easily fall prey to sociopaths and con artists. I should know, I was married to one


Interesting. I in fact become completely open about my illness recently, I have made friends but romance just doesn’t work for me. I prefer friendship over romance, I find romance to just be people putting on their best mask and pretending to be perfect…i.e. full of ■■■■ and lying. My therapist is writing a book on how people are most often full of ■■■■ when dating, and then when they live together and/or get married, the relationship fails miserably.

For me, dating is such an easy way to feel like you arent good enough. I dont need to impress or lie to anyone, I am proud to be how I am today and even more proud to have survived psychosis. I prefer having female friends, not romantic relationships, if you know what I mean. Hanging out with a female friend is more fun than hanging out with a friend of the same gender :wink:

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I would rather date a mentally ill person like me than a “Normal person.” That way we can talk about our symptoms freely. With Normals you just can’t do that.

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You’re beginning to sound like me. Friendship is easier and it can lead to love. But trying to start off with romance gets a bit weird. Besides, I feel I have to know a person to even understand what their idea of romance would be.

By the way I have run out of hearts again. So about your post… :heart: (like)

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I’ve been married twice…basically separated now. I may date some here and there but nothing serious from now on. A serious romance is simply too much to manage for me.

I can only bond with people who have been through hard times. Not on purpose but just what always happens.

I don’t do any sort of dating scene. My current relationship just sort of happened, I wasn’t looking for it. I met my girlfriend and was impressed by her intelligence, wit, and charm. Not long after, I just fell hopelessly in love with her. I did put forth some effort, after realizing my feelings, to trap her in my web. :wink:


I am on a dating site. I met one guy from it and went on 3 dates with him. It didn’t work out. Monday with the help of a friend I’m going to try another site. I don’t have a dating philosophy yet. I’m just testing the waters.
I’m in school, so I might try to meet someone by making friends. It is tough for me to do it sometimes. I might try to start with this guy in my Biology class.

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yes its going too be a blast…