Reflecting... I feel like @#$%

Uh if this shits not real. And it’s very clear to me it isn’t real right now. I must have really ■■■■■■ my brain up. I feel like ■■■■ because of it. For the rest of my life I can either play normal or let everyone know what I’m going through. Do to drug use and my personality I could see why people would find it to be my fault.

My drug use was by no means unusual for my peer group.

I’m just the only ■■■■■■■ crazy enough to construct an alternate reality in my mind. Now I’m pretty much stuck in it.

Ah it’s not my fault at all… I just feel like it could have been prevented. I swear though I’ve heard people laugh at my thoughts and say all kind of ■■■■ out loud.

It really would have to be all of them. Not a single one to break the trend and show me some compassion and stop this ■■■■.

I grow less and less interested in being around people.

You’re not really stuck,
because if you created it, then you can control it.


When I’m afraid of it though it controls me.

I see what your saying though.

It can’t control you if you don’t let it.
The power is yours, you can give it away or use it, but not both.

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I’ve gotta beat this ■■■■ some day. God it’s just so ■■■■■■■ infuriating when it’s happening.

Would listening to music,watching a tv show,movies or playing games make you think less these thoughts?

Guess I didn’t think about distracting. Thought it was something I was supposed to think about.

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I love my life…

I’m sorry your going through a rough patch. I hope you feel better soon. I know it’s hard when your brain feels certain of something, but other people can’t read your thoughts.

So many people are caught up in their own world and worries… they don’t have time to pay attention to others.

This might sound strange, but it helped me out when I realized that I’m not important enough to track or spy on. No one is interested in the inside of my head because most people can’t figure the inside of their own.

I hope you don’t loose the amazing momentum you’ve had. Good luck and I’m rooting for you.


Distraction is one way to get away from the negative thoughts or voices. Music on an ipod, or via pandora on your phone with earphones on - is definitely something a lot of people use to help minimize the impact of these voices on their life.

Of course - treatment with good medications that work for you (at the lowest doses that work) and therapy are the best approaches and the others like distractions are helpful in addition to treatment.

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I had a feeling that you love music,could you write music,learn guitar or support a local rock/metal band even if it’s supporting Justin Bieber could do you good and distract you from your mental symptoms…

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