Distraction advice

Hey guys so i had a bad dream about being symptomatic and it was really vivid and i guess it kickstarted real symptoms.

Do ant of you would have any advice what to do to distract myself from the delusions? Their really anoying now that i have to hide my symptoma since im witg my dad and he gets extremely angry at me for having them.

i know you are young but you can meditate, join a self defence class ( it will discilpline your mind and body ),
right now i have a demon screaming in my face as i write this, ( no volume though ) thankfully.
you have to ignore all the rubbish , the visual and verbal, and get on with life , it is not easy but you can do it.
there are so many good things for sz, like this site…
if i had this forum when i was young it would have helped me so much, it is helping me now.
good luck, know you are not alone in your struggle.
take care


My brother will take a long bath with classical music playing. He’ll go for along walk and focus on something simple like the trees or the flowers. He’ll try and let his mind really get into the real item in front of him.

He’ll also draw as he’s out and about during his walk. That way he’s focusing on what he’s drawing and not thinking about the delusion.


My old therapist taught me the distraction game. You pick a category like animals and name one for each letter. Like A is for alpaca, B is for bat, C is for cat. Go through the alphabet. I also do singers/ bands and food but you can do any topic, get creative. If you can’t think straight enough to do the alphabet just name things like cheeses and cereal. This really helped me to realize the demons weren’t real because after a couple rounds it went and if it were real that wouldn’t have worked. Good luck to you.


Thanks guys, the delusions passed by themselves, algtough for the first time i have had no insight in them, didnt know reality from delusion.
I had to get my blood drawn and urine tests done and i was freaking out becouse i thought they are going to clone me, kidnap me and replCe me with a clone. I was really frightened even after they took the blood and my mom got mad and told me horrible things which got me even more delusional( she usually loses control over herself when angry. She told me she dodsnt love me anymore and such things, but Fter school she was nice again)
Also the day before i was moving objects around becouse the voices told me if i wouldnt i would get raped. This stuff is so tireing i have no power to move today after the 48hr stress.

Thanks for the advice though im gonna try it next time it starts

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