Obsessive thinking/intrusive thoughts

Does anyone else have intrusive thoughts that are hard to shake? I can’t get into details about the thoughts but they definitely seem like they are turning me against myself. I feel like my mind will collapse from this. Sometimes i break down and cry becauze of it.


Hey @lostinthespace I have that too, without hallucinations. Some days it’s better, some days worse. I just try to take it easy and try to distract myself by doing something fun.

so just practice breathing techniques and listen to some good music and do something you like.
I don’t cry but I lose focus and get very angry.

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Thank you for the reply

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sometimes I take Ativan for it too. relaxes me and I continue my day.

Immerse yourself in your music…you’re a damn fine Artist! :sunny:

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I got upset at my husband about something today. In retrospect it was nothing, but thought upon thought made my head spin. I had to get out of the house or it was going to get worse. I drove into town go check the mail (we live in a small town with no mailboxes) Anyway, the whole way I envisioned ways to hurt/kill myself. My angel tells me these things like they’re the best ideas ever. And I see myself doing them. But I drove, checked the mail, said hello to a woman at the PO, got in my car and drove home. I apologized to my husband for getting so upset, and I just kept moving, doing little busy things. I guess my point is to engage in a distraction. Music is awesome, but even just being busy helps me. I was shaking and crying in the car. I pulled it together in the PO, and I was more calm on the way home. I hate those times, but it would have been worse if I had engaged. Distraction has become a tool for me.


Thank you. I really should get back into my music like i was before.

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I have it. Best to wait it out, they eventually fade, mine do anyway, hope yours too.

I call it my split mind, theres a part of me that is definitely sick and twisted, but it’s not me, I don’t listen to that part. Then there’s the sane me that constantly battles those thoughts, it’s tirering.

Anyway, you’re not alone.


Hello, I can relate to the problems you mentioned. It may be possible that you can diminish the intensity and frequency of the thoughts by occupying yourself with tasks, such that the brain can only dedicate less resources to conjuring the obsessions.

You can also choose to directly confront the obsessions, but since I find truly obsessive thoughts to be nearly impossible to “shake” in one’s current state, the fight will only end when your brain is exhausted.

If all else fails, for me SSRIs will drown most thoughts in the brain, including obsessions.

Repetitive obsessive thoughts have been a real problem for me too. They are better than they were but still occur occasionally. I have learned to largely not be bothered that I have them and accept them as part of my imperfect nature.

My advice (from my own personal experience and from therapy), is to let the thoughts come. If you suppress them, they just worsen! If I told you not to think about polar bear, what is the first thing you think?

Of course, if you start to really dwell on them, good thing is to do something that usually helps you relax. I love taking a hot shower or listening to nature voices, myself. If you start to feel really bad anxiety, medication for anxiety could be good, if you have one.

I have had that problem, and it can really take a toll on you. I had visions flashing in my mind and thoughts about self harming or someone harming me. They were so frequent it was difficult just to function. Nowdays I just let the thought come, think: “I have this thought. Interesting.” I may consider that it is linked to anxiety or stress. Then I let the though go. I have noticed the more I practiced this, the more easier it has become to let go of the repetetive thoughts.

I hope you get better <3

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