What the hell?

Okay, recovery, this is how it goes with this stupid ■■■■.

If they say you recover you recover. Simple as that.

If they say you can be fine with meds thats it. If they let you off the hook you get off the hook completely.

What the flying hell? Why even call it “recovery?”

It’s like some jackass smacking you in the face repeatedly and then stopping and you say you recovered. What the flying goddamn hell?

I think im gonna puke, this is sick ■■■■ man, really sick ■■■■.

You’re supposed to know when you recover. They also recover from listening to you talking to them about your symptoms, which when you recover, you don’t have any more.

The only feeling of recovery that I get to dabble in comes after deep dreaming & sleeping. The best & most ultimate recovery will hopefully happen after my NDE, when I am ready to pass on my life into death. Hopefully it is a beautiful segue, because I’m not going to miss life that much to be completely honest. I’m almost completely detached, like a monk, from all things Earthly.

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