How quick can you recognize that you have been recovered

I can recognize it in the first minute. If i wake up from my sleep and my mind is not racing and i don’t discuss and talk to my self about past events, than i am in recovery.


I can tell by my dreams, how long I slept and whats on my mind when I wake up. If my mind is racing and I woke up early, bad day. If I wake up feeling rested without nightmares, good day. If I wake up and feel jacked up and anxious, something is wrong.


well i started to recover after i changed my med and i knew there was a difference almost straight away but it still takes a lot of time to get to normality, i’d say i was pretty normal now after over 3 years but i still have a lot of things i want to achieve before i can say- yes, i am now a 100% normal person with a family and a job and a house because i have none of those things right now,

its so hard this long walk to normality and maybe i will never achieve it now but i sure as hell am going to try, i should have had all of this by now if it wasn’t for my stupid sz