Recovery - School and Work

I know that some members would like a category for this so the definition of this category has been updated to include school and work discussions. A bit of a meeting in the middle to accommodate this idea yet still keep the number of categories to a minimum.

This forum is for the active and supportive discussion and sharing of the strategies and resources for maximizing people’s recovery. For some this may include discussions regarding school and work.


The biggest thing I would like to say about school is to definitely take advantage of the student with disabilities office and see what accommodation can be offered.

@77nick77 gave me that advice and it’s been a life saver. I’ve been doing much better in school this second time around… and I’m really excited to think that getting this 2 year degree under my belt will help me get a better job.

This was an idea that never crossed my mind… in fact… I was told that due to my illness… the stress would do me in and I wouldn’t be able to handle school.

So I never tried… I was BLOWN away when I saw the school and work forum. I’m really glad I found this site.

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Wow, Surprised. I’m happy to see school is working out for you so well. I know it’s not easy. But you have managed to do it for quite awhile now. Kudos. I hope people on here are seeing you as an inspiration or an example of what’s possible. I’ve got a lot of work coming up in my class. Oh well. They say, " The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step".


After all these years of working on recovery, the best thing I found for a stable mind is to talk out things with those in your life and online here on this forum. I have discovered more about myself by simply writing on here what I am thinking or doing. and then I read it later and go…“whoa, you sound delusional” or “just trying to help” comments. and I feel better. I really wish I would just stop drinking completely because I get wobbly in my thinking when I drink. Not good for psych meds for me on fluphenazine (prolixin) I’ve found. I think early on when I came out of my hardest times with depression and the lack of will to live I discovered Hope. Hope is very important I think to have in one’s life. No hope. No happiness. It could be a sunset that makes you feel whole, or tulips in a flower garden on a sunny day. The tulips are what got me to believing happiness is possible through Hope.

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