Back in school

Hello everyone. I want to thank everyone who is supportive of those with the illness. I’ve had very little trouble adjusting however, it is difficult at times to be still. So far I have only one class I am taking which isn’t saying much. Part of recovery I suppose begins with being productive. I also have to reschedule an appointment for job placement. Any tips on what to do in spare time besides browsing the internet and listening to music? The class i’m taking requires at least 4 hours of time in the computer lab. Any advice?

Congrats on the school. Hmmm well, you could get into some arts. For example, a while back I got into leather craft and now make custom belts and wallets as gifts for my friends. It really shows that you care about them even if you are terrible at telling them verbally/acting properly. Other things could be building stuff, knitting, and sports of any kind. I’m not sure what you are into though XD. However, you could even learn to draw and make comics and stuff. This is a thing btw. You can learn to draw with practice and videos/help from books and stuff. Idk, I find drawing very fun :smile:. Well, good luck on everything!

Thank you. It was a pain in the butt to find any class. Next semester I plan on joining the choir. :grin:

Nice! Choir is cool, but I’m not much of a singer XD. I am also going to college/class next term and am actually on a train coming back from a shadow stay D:. Feelin nervous about this

I hear that, well it helps to sing in a group so you’re not the odd one out I suppose.

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