Trying to get over the diagnosed section

i have posted on the diagnosed area for years but now that we have the other areas to post it makes me want to put that part of my life behind me and concentrate on the other parts of this forum,

the recovery area is amazing and is a great start to trying to change things around for yourself and if you can post things on there then i think that is amazing for you and also others as an inspiration to them, i believe firmly that everybody diagnosed with schizophrenia can recover in some way, even if just a little, its amazing.

the school and work area is a great place to talk about your academic accomplishments if you can do that and something to build up to, personally i am hoping to talk about being able to do a job of some sort soon idk when but i am hoping,

the lounge is a bit alien to me, i find it hard to shoot the breeze but it looks like a fun area if you are able to do that. a place to try and socialize about other things rather than talk about and focusing on your illness night and day like i use to.

i dont want to post in the diagnosed area now but i will if i need to, you never know what is going to happen.


I’m sorry about the breakup :cry:

But yeah, the lounge is fun and people are seemingly more friendly there.

Glad you’re doing better man.

Glad your making it over to this part. I’m glad things are looking up for you… :thumbsup: