Rebranding Schizophrenia

In an article recently published in the academic journal Schizophrenia Research, researchers called for the abolition of the term “schizophrenia.” Renaming the disorder, they argue, could destigmatize the disorder, create greater willingness of people with schizophrenia to pursue treatments, make it easier for doctors to give a diagnosis, and communicate that the prognosis is much less bleak than most people believe.


I think if people heard a new name they’d be like “what’s that?” And whoever was telling them about it would be like “schizophrenia.”

We don’t need a new word we just need to de stigmatize this one. Don’t be afraid to let people know you have the illness. Face their judgment and prove you are a good soul. It’s about changing minds and in most cases that’s done one at a time.


If the term schizophrenia meant something, I would be for keeping it.
“Split Mind” is not saying much, and it further misleads and stigmatizes the illness.
I think that a more updated - common sense term is in order - its about time


Perhaps… The transition would take a while. Psychosis is pretty stigmatic as well. Psycho is part of the word.

Psycho that’s how you spell Sz…


I for one want a new name, iv read it helped allot when they renamed it in japan.


A change of name by itself will not produce the level of change that people think it will. The priority should be (1) Better medications(less side effects, more effective on cognitive and negative symptoms (2) Better adjunct non drug therapies (3) Improving public education about serious mental illness.

I am not expecting huge changes in public attitude, but I think that it could lessen some of the stigma - the name just doesn’t fit


Split brain doesn’t mean anything anymore. Also, schizophrenia is too long and too technical a word.


In the late 90s here when I was getting used to Seroquel I rebranded it.

Seroquel, The nightcap of champions.


ABOUT TIME!!! :dancers:
@Wave, werent you the one who suggested Thought Disorder a while back? Thats perfect-and then they could add what ever specifics that apply ie: drug-induced thought disorder etc…

I dont know if I suggested Thought disorder, but I do think that rebranding schizophrenia to a thought disorder is a great idea @bridgecomet - nice idea!

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