It's Time to Rename Schizophrenia

I know we’ve discussed this before…new names for this affliction, etc.

I’m going to talk to my psychiatrist and ask him to think about starting a campaign for a name change for this illness.

There’s just way too much stigma associated with the term ‘schizophrenia.’ Something needs to be done.


I felt SPD might work…Sensory Perception Disorder.


Even if we change the name,
the new name will carry same stigma.

I don’t want it changed.
I like it.


"the new name will carry the same stigma"

Not so fast.

When this pandemic struck, it was labeled The Corona Virus. Then it was changed to Covid-19 so no culture would be stigmatized.

This seemed to work, so why not do the same for schizophrenia?..renaming it, that is.

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There is an old name but people often forgotten, it is called “sinusitis”

But if all of us schizophrenics choose/ decide on the appropriate name…like SPD for example…and we constantly refer to our affliction as such in our conversations with our doctors, then maybe as a large group we can change the name by ourselves and reduce the stigma.

Poll: Is SPD (Sensory Perception Disorder) a good rename for the term schizophrenia?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please chime in with your own rename if you have any ideas.

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F*ck the Media and the doctors…we can do this on our own…together as a movement.

Its an interesting idea. I definitly see the logic.

Few years ago I read some professionals saying there should be a renmaing scheme for schizophrenia for a completely different reason. That one persons schizophrenia doesnt correlate to another and that there ought to be far more descriptive terms used in diagnosis so that professionals and patients can easily refer to how their condition affects them without having to give a detailed summary.

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The reason I chose the word ‘sensory’ is because many of us hallucinate (sight) and hear voices (sound).

And our perception becomes disordered and skewed.

I like that it also blends into delusions.

The issue for me would be that it doesnt cover enough of the other symptoms.

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I agree.

But I think ‘perception disorder’ covers a lot of bases…like paranoia, delusions of reference, delusions of persecution, etc.

I think the only thing accurate about the name is its an ugly name for an ugly disease. Psychosis spectrum disorder is a good name in my opinion.


Psychosis Spectrum Disorder

I like that!

I don’t like that bc psychosis is associated with violence



Maybe the word ‘psychosis’ is too harsh then? Or is too big of an umbrella to narrowly define schizophrenia?

Off leash spooky world go weird syndrome.


Bananas syndrome

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Nuts and bananas syndrome


Large nuts and big swirly banana syndrome?



My Poll isn’t going well. I thought the term SPD covered a lot of bases with this affliction without coming across as too harsh-sounding.

Back to the drawing board?

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