Would you like to see a change in the name Schizophrenia? Poll

  • Yes schizophrenia needs to go
  • No schizophrenia is fine
  • What’s a schizophrenia

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Yes! I would like something that is easier to say and spell.

Not so much in English, because no one has ever insulted me using ‘schizophrenia’, at least not yet. Unlike its English counterpart, I really want a name change in Chinese for schizophrenia. It is ugly and misleading.

In Japan they changed it to split mind syndrome i kinda like that better Not to offend but schizophrenia sounds like something u say when ur cat is having a seizure or something out of a rated r mary poppins

I thought it is Integration Disorder in Japanese?

U might be right cause i only looked into it a little bit. All i know is that they changed it to fight stigma

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The etymology of schizophrenia is split mind already, so that’s basically what it means

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I know but taking meaning out of all words. Schizophrenia sounds evil like scratching a chalkboard or something. I just don’t like it

How about thought disorder and mood disorder? It is not accurate enough in describing the illness, though.

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I still think it should be renamed to “front-loaded trouser syndrome”. It would be cool to have strange women fear me for the right reasons.


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U just made my day hahaha

It is a spectrum disorder, so I would like the name to reflect that. And I want a logo like ASD has, something cute like a puzzle piece… and I want 5k runs, and t-shirts, and bumper stickers… :smiley:

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Schizophrenia has very negative connotations with the general public.

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