Reasons why you isolate/don't socially engage

I don’t know what people talk about. I’ve never known and I care less and less as I get older. I know I’m boring, and I’m pretty sure they are too. :blush:

i was supposed to be going out with a friend last night but i had to cancel and i ended up lying in my bed, still there now actually, i woke up at 315am, i worry about not coping when i go out and having an episode bc i don’t want anybody to think i can’t handle myself, i am 34 now and i should be having fun and not worrying about that.

Hahaha, often the content of the conversation keep repeating, is boring.

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4 - Most people annoy the hell out of me.


People used to bother me but now I ignore them when I go out unless I need to speak to them. I
don’t like their paranoid innuendoes but I no longer get upset over them. They’re not worth the bother.

The 2ND part of 2… I prefer listening to people than talking most the time…

I dont understand people they seem so randomly hostile towards me–it scares me and i avoid people
like today
I was out and about and people say random mean and racist things to me
I am too scared to speak up to them and fight back–maybe they sense this and thats why I am choosen for the attack–but I have no real desire to engage in conflict and I simply want to mind my own business and spread good things

I think that what I have to say is not that interesting so why should I bother. The anxiety gets to me as well. I always wonder what might happen.

I tend to enjoy social contact but I am very sensitive to negative attitudes toward me and rejection. I try to avoid situations where I might get rejected and a lot of the time I interpret things that most people would consider irrelevant and insignificant as outright judgements on my character and my actions.
I’ve kind of given up on a lot of my dreams and aspirations. I figure if these things were possible for me I would have made some progress by now (getting older).

I really don’t know
I feel uncomfortable and awkward and I believe I make others feel like this too

I find what I have to share isn’t interesting and boring

I don’t really like to be taken away from my interests reading music etc

But when I spend time away from people I feel disconnected

I feel like I’ve lost my personality, I feel and I am boring as hell. I don’t relate to people anymore with my illness. I’m most comfortable just being at home, strangers freak me out. Thing is I know that if I could just quit these medications my life would do a complete turn around over time


People here have said “I feel like I’m boring”, “I have nothing interesting to say / my statements don’t make sense to people / I speak nonsense”, and “people annoy me / I don’t understand people”. Those are all my reasons too.

It’s even difficult for me to engage online, because “oh nobody cares what you think, shut up, nothing you have to say is interesting to them, leave them alone” – but I respond with “they’re free to ignore me if they like and I really don’t care”. Most of the time.

I don’t really socialize with ppl outside of my own family anymore? but socialization in online games has become an issue because sometimes I just want to be left alone to do my own thing, and that tends to offend people, or put them off, if they wanted to play with me. So I’m learning to say “no thanks, another time”.

there’s also the paranoia that says “the only reason this person wants to spend time with you is because they want something from you – money, cigarettes, sympathy for their stupid dramatic problems”

and then there’s also the fact that most ppl in my area, being low-income and low-education, tend to fixate on the following subjects ad nauseam: illness, money / bills, workplace drama, drugs / alcohol, current sexual partner. repeat. YaWN

For me, Schizophrenia makes me feel like ‘I don’t care’. I try to care…I can cry or not cry about it, but until someone can figure out how to solve SZ which seems to be all over the brain, I can only live with this awful feeling - and hope.

I like that - take yourself out, treat yourself nice. Tell yourself how funny and smart and good looking you are, and how lucky you are to have you around. Dress up nice to impress yourself :rose:

@firemonkey, for me, it’s both that social interaction is exhausting, and I’m happy with my relatively solitary life. I like to read, garden, talk with my roommate, hang out with my cats. It’s a nice life.


Daily ritual practices

I must admit that a lot of the time I am happy with my own company. I am not indifferent to other people but getting it right socially is an uphill struggle. It only tends to be when I’m really bored with my own company that I want company. Usually I would prefer a small group rather than one to one or a big group.
One to one there is a phobia about emotional intimacy in case it raises the prospect of physical intimacy, and being in a large group in a confined space makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I know it Is difficult to feel comfortable around people, even family sometimes. But try and find some interest and perhaps someone who has the same interest. Being alone all the time is no fun. Even if you make a friend from someone on this site can help you both.

It’s a common negative symptom, do you really need a reason?

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I’m lazy…period