What stops you to go out?

for me its my paranoia.plus the lackof pleasure and the lack of emotions… do you find it hard to go out?
Minnie was good to me and she insisted for a therapy for me along with the meds. so ill do it,hope it will work :smile:

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Oh yah its hard for me. Im so bad with noise and people. When i do anything with freinds the group either has to be small or not in public. I cant focus on all my freinds at once and go out. The last time i was in a large group in public i ended up just walking away. My head kept telling me to leave them because they were all going to ditch me anyways. So the moment they weren’t looking i took off with tears pouring. Im lucky i have good freinds that can run though. They found me eventually, about 9 miles down the beach.

I am sorry teo,you ll be fine, don’t worry.
me,i cant think well in fact so I let go to others to hurt me and I wanna avoid that… I hope my thinking will return,what do you think?

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Every time I try to go out socially especially at night I get paranoid symptoms feeling everyone in the room is staring at me and voices play up this is uncomfortable and so I don’t go out in evening which I feel is a shame because I would like to socialise

It hard to get motivated to go out a lot… it’s also hard to have the energy to get going.

I tend to fall apart at night… during the day… I can go out and I’m Ok…

Nights… I’m swinging between anxiety and numbness

The other day I went to buy pizza at a bar which also runs a pizzeria. I drank one beer while I waited for my pizza. Next to me sat a guy who start showing me weird stuff on his cellphone. I just couldn’t carry a conversation with him as much as I wanted to. It is just too difficult for me to communicate with strangers.
I sometimes go for one drink at some local pub but I don’t stay longer than that. If I was with a friend or my sister I’d stay for another drink.
I’d say the real thing that stops me from going out is my social isolation. Why we do that… ■■■■ knows

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The hallucinations. Cant get used to them. So annoying.

For me it’s lack of motivation, anxiety and paranoia.

I don’t really like to go out at night especially.

I would say lack of pleasure also.

Can’t forget, social isolation.

For me it’s the anxiety and discomfort of even the most simple of social exchanges, feeling exposed or that I stand out. I feel fine in my car though so I go for drives down the coast and back a lot and listen to the radio. There’s more of course, much worse than the discomfort and feelings of awkwardness that is half what it used to be. It was bad in times past, I still can’t make myself go get a haircut because sitting there staring in a big mirror making small talk was bad enough as it was. I was doing it for a few years, just went in and got it cut, but it was no less awkward. Now the forces of all I know as evil are making this experience all the worse.

I’m probably pretty much going to spend the rest of my life as the recluse I am.

People. I’m nice to people, but something always ends up upsetting me. I anticipate negative experiences when going out because of other people.

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I used to go out several nights a week and get drunk with some friends. Often going from the bar with one friend to a party with different friends the same night.

When I go out now I am so paranoid. My anxiety fuels my hallucinations that people are talking about me. It makes things very difficult.

Now I go to a secluded restaurant once in a while with only a couple friends.

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do. Once in a blue moon I walk to PetSmart and stare at the fish/reptiles for half an hour, which just seems to make the staff uneasy.

I would say a lot of that is true for me also. On my own there’s a limited amount of things to do when out given (a) the chronic social anxiety and paranoia (b) the mild agoraphobia ? which means I’m limited to where I’ll go by myself. Going out very much centres round cruising the high street looking at shops or alternatively going into a cafe for a drink and maybe something to eat. With the latter I am limited as to which ones I’ll go in. Places like Costa and Starbucks are out because they are usually busy and I don’t do well paranoia/social anxiety wise with a lot of people in a relatively small space. Ditto other busy/crowded cafes . Then there is the motivation issue . Often I can’t motivate myself to go out.
Also going out and seeing so many people with company and it bringing home you have no friends can be dispiriting .Then also to some degree there is the mood element which for me can seem to go on forever until suddenly there is a change. My mood state has been mildly depressive and wanting to stay indoors for a few years now whereas before despite the things previously mentioned I was out more regularly and generally felt less anxious and more upbeat.
Like you I am not keen on going out at night/after it gets dark.

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for me its the paranoia, anxiety of being followed and carrying on a conversation with strangers. I just don’t know how.

My paranoia acts up at night also. But during the day im ok. But i still hate being out in public. I feel as though everyone is talking about me. Best of luck.

I don’t even leave the house anymore unless I have to, e.g. to get my meds.

My anxiety levels go up when I’m out. At the moment though, my energy levels are low, so that’s a bigger factor for me.

me its worse in the day. I think that others can see that I am ill. and in fact its not a real delusion,i really have this face… I am angry and sad,the people are not dumb,they can see it… briefly,my parano is up to the roof now cause Iam still a bad person I guess…or not :(… plus there was a time thatiwas saying to everyone that I am schizophrenic, iwas smiling to everybody like a dumb girl… I went now to the shop next to me to buy my cigarettes, they know me now I guess… plus,ive lost the habit with all this…ill continue to struggle at home cause iam decided right now but probably it will take time :slight_smile: its hard,to get out from this despair since I lived with it for years…I told to my mom that its unfair…