How many loners are out there? Are you reclusive?

I have real trouble socializing. I naturally drift towards isolation. I’ve gotten to where I need to be alone. I don’t need much human company.


I’m pretty much this way too, but I do have a couple of friends I talk to.


I’m unbelievably alone. I hope that as I get more sane and move closer to family, that changes


I’m a rarity around here in that I’m aggressively social. Even when rabidly psychotic I can talk. I often say I can talk underwater.

Don’t get me wrong. I live a good structured life with a lot of alone time but I get to a point and I need to have some different human interaction. I have enough friends in my life where it’s not a problem and I don’t need more but it’s good to connect with others. It really is…It saves me uber money on therapy for sure.


I have real trouble socialising too.

I am so uncomfortable around most people and can’t stand to be with them.

I’m comfortable around few people but not many.

I think one reason is they think they want to suppress me or do hierarchy stuff on me i don’t want a part of.

I need to be by myself a lot and spend most of my time all the time by myself in bed except for weekends when I see my boyfriend.

He is the only one I socialise with.

I’m comfortable with him.

Other people i know I might see a couple times a year of Christmas or so.

I’m more comfortable around my boyfriend family than my own I think.

I was perfect comfortable with my x and x too.

I would love to have friends and aquanintances I’m comfortable with too and they comfortable with me too.

It’s so important to be comfortable with each other .to me it is.

I don’t want to be with people I’m uncomfortable with.

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On another level I love people and want to socialise .

I think.

Yet I need to be by myself most of the time.


Pretty much indoors on my own most of the time. Unless its popping out for 5 minutes fir the milk.

Get too much abuse in the town here, which just causes anxiety. I cant get on with the public. The only time i dont care is when im drunk.

Lifes just easier if i stay isolated. But i do get cabin fever sometimes.


I spend most time alone but socialize with family and friends. I don’t feel lonely. When I do, I just call someone.

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Married - still a loner. Reclusive. I socialize with my 2 dogs


I once went to Boston and thought the people there were the most unfriendly I’d ever seen to put it mildly and I’ve heard other people say the same.

I think New York - close enough though.

I’m totally isolated not by choice but even I have texting with siblings and phone conversations. I do believe there is a mentally ill clubhouse somewhere not too far away. Mentally ill people just take time to open up. I also have a therapist who calls me Mondays. Sometimes I call the crisis center who don’t mind talking to me though I’m not in crisis.

I really love company but I’m currently depressed. I feel like crying all the time. I think I’m not sure if my manager thinks it is appropriate for me to work. It’s that kind of up and down depression. One moment I’m happy and the next moment I’m sad.


I’m a loner 15 characters

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I am not allowed to be as reclusive as I’d like to be. It’s irritating.


Socialising is a big chore for me. It’s too much work for no gain.


I like to hang out with people but i dont like to chitchat. I like activity friends.


I’m reclusive because I can’t think of things to talk about


Been kind of a loner half my life now. there was the odd companionship there too. long time coming these days. Yes I’m reclusive. Getting things back on my feet right now. Got a car, an awesome cat and a condo. Used to frequent a forum for loners that is no longer there. read party of one:loners manifesto in my early 20’s. I really need a life partner these days though. just not been meeting the right people these past years. Somethings gotta give. When that comes around I’m putting everything I’ve ever known in life into it. Make things work this time. Not in a coma anymore\


I am all by myself. :pig::pig::pig:

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