Reasons to become a marine

So the voices won’t let me become a marime. I know the marine is tough but my job won’t be that hard it’s just going to be about reconnaissance. It’s the ground electronic warfare. What should I do.

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The voices can’t harm you. I know it’s a shitty advice, but don’t listen to them. They can’t make you do anything, and they can’t stop you from doing anything. They’re not real.

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Talk to a recruiter, it’s worth a shot. Just be completely honest with them, last thing you need is to be without your medicine at boot camp.

I tried to join the army but didn’t make it all the way because I was involuntarily commited in the past and that “reflected poorly” upon my character. And because of some other stuff that I forget.

Not to crush your dreams but I think sz/sza diagnoses and related psychotic disorders are usually disqualifying and would at least require a waiver.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Your character? What does being sick have to do with your character?


Also, yeah, my mom told me that they don’t usually let schizophrenics join the military.

I know right, well I guess it may have been because I kind of raised my voice to my mom when I was in crisis. Not my fault. I had no bad intentions, I was just trying to get my point across and it seemed like they were against me, when in fact they were on my side, we just had no idea what was going on with me. So cops were called and I booked it and they dragged me to the ER.

I will never do anything like that again, even if I feel the urge to. I mean I’ll do everything in my power to remain calm and collected. Since my diagnosis I have become very peaceful and loving. I feel bad killing hornets, but stings hurt and I am not about getting stung.

Sorry kinda a side story but I had dreams of joining the military. Then came my MI. I could talk about it for hours. Didn’t mean to steal the thread. By all means chase your dreams!

Semper Fi buddy. Watch Full Metal Jacket. If you think you will be like the psychotic character in the boot camp part then you shouldn’t join.

How many pull ups can you do? Would you mind to wake up at 4 am and run a couple miles everyday?


Unfortunately schizophrenia will disqualify you from joining the military.


This might sound kind of cynical, but consult a lawyer before you try to join. Try to get one familiar with military contracts. Let him coach you on just exactly what you need to say to get in and on how much you need to reveal to your recruiter. If you get in and become psychotic or dysfunctional in some other way while you’re in you will be able to get a military disability pension, which is a lot more than standard ssi. But be careful. When you sign that military contract that means they own you for the next four years. You can’t get out of that contract without at least a little bad paper following you around. If you’re ambitious you probably want to stick out the time you’re in the marines, if you’re able to join.

You can’t get disability for a condition that existed prior to service. Schizophrenia is medically disqualifying. And unless you don’t take meds there is no way to hide it.


You are not able to enlist into the US Marine Corps with schizophrenia. Period.

Individuals with chronic mental health issues like bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, or a compulsive disorder, can’t enlist into the US military.

If you develop the condition in adulthood, while you’re in the military you will receive a medical discharge. The military doesn’t allow individuals with mental disorder you serve in their ranks.

Having a mental disorder can be an extraneous and difficult life. While treatment can alleviate the suffering and anxieties cause by a mental disorder and help you lead a better and more productiveb life; you will have to realize that are some things you won’t be able to accomplish. Joining the US military will be one of them.

However, don’t despair. There is more to life than being a US Marine. Go out there and find something worthwhile for you to accomplish. Don’t let your mental disorder hold you back from living life.


You can be bi-polar and get a waiver and enlist in the US Army. Not the Marine Corps, but nobody has ever lied before to get in. :roll_eyes: They can only get your medical record if give it them.

I do believe the US military has technology that won’t allow a person with preexisting condition to get benefits.

Not sure what that means. It is a disqualifier for sure, but I’m no expert.

I believe they have files on certain people lol so they know a ton. Like if someone has alien DNA. :sunglasses::roll_eyes::smirk:But that’s probably a conspiracy.

You cannot and should not join the military if you have a mental illness, but I heard of drug addicts getting in. Never know though. I wouldn’t join with my condition. Maybe I would if I was cured or WW3 broke out, but even then, they probably wouldn’t want me.

I believe certain experiments are conducted or lead to mental illness, which is sad. Maybe if you’re really smart you can do something government related. Like civilian sector or positions or something.

I remember doing stuff in past lives/parallel universes, but people think it’s a delusion. It probably is.

I remember in a parallel universe I was in ROTC and I was addicted to energy drinks. They tried to kick me out for Aspergers even though I wasnt diagnosed. I told them I wasn’t ans had ADHD. I don’t remember much else. It could have been one of those lives where I skipped time or went back and forth between realities. Aliens probably were involved.

If mild Aspergers disqualifies you, definitely schizophrenia would. I don’t think you can drink energy drinks in the military.

Schizophrenia is a huge disqualifier, and with the stress new recruits go through it’s probably not the best option especially if you’re not stable and are currently hearing voices and or other positive symptoms are present.

Sure you could lie, but if they found out it’s at LEAST a dishonorable discharge. Lying on a federal document can also land you into legal trouble and even if it didnt you dont want a dishonorable discharge on your record.

I’ve thought about lying to get in. It was my dream to serve ever since I was a kid and it’s been a tough pill to swallow that I cant join, but swallow it I must.


Hey, this kind of sounds like what I am doing right now.

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Maybe in the next life man…

There are probably other versions of you out there in the military if you believe in many worlds theory of quantum physics.

If there is a war with Russia, China, and Iran, they might need people. Maybe not in combat but other means. Autistic people are good at math and with computers for example. They think outside the box. Schizophrenia not so much, unfortunately.

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A direct war between the US and Russia/China is never going to happen. Iran on the other hand I could see a military conflict occur.

If the Marine Corps recruiter discovers that a potential candidate has a documented history of mental health issues, they’ll most likely deem them ineligible for enlistment. If you have an episode on duty and didn’t inform them about your condition then there will be consequences to that.

However you are right. There is nothing that precludes you from concealing, denying, or outright lying about your medical history.

The USMEPSCOM (the unit responsible for recruiting, vetting, verifying and approving all U.S. Armed Forces candidates) doesn’t have the time or personnel to review your medical records with a fine tooth comb. Nor are they legally allowed to obtain your medical records without your expressed consent, and even then most medical providers can refuse to turn over the records. So no they will not review your medical history if you lie and tell them you’re fine physically and mentally. So yes you can lie your way into the Marine Corps and they’ll put you on the bus.

It’s best to be honest though. Joining the military is not something I would recommend to someone who is schizophrenic. It’s not to be mean, it’s just this illness can be exacerbated by stressors (which can easily happen in the military in the right situation).

It’s a big commitment and you really need to consider what could happen later down the line. If you have an episode and get violent or severely depressed did you make the right choice?


Hopefully not. It’s part of my delusional system in a past life/parallel universe. But hopefully not. That would suck.

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To anything thinking they could join stay away from top secret clearances and combat roles. Nothing wrong filling vending machines for a job.