Joining the military after schizophrenia

so suppose i get the ok from the doctors to be clear of schizophrenia. Can i then join the military lets say the marines for a better chance of waiver.

From what I understand, if you have ever been in a mental hospital that out rules you for the military.

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It would be a good idea to know the legalities of it. There was this guy who was at our assisted living center who got into the marines. If you get in and become dysfunctional again you might get a military disability pension. They’re a lot better than regular ssi.

That’s probably why they don’t allow previous MI history in.

There was a guy who spent a little time at our assisted living center who got into the marines. He showed up again on our front door step in his camo fatigues. I saw him at a hospital not too long ago.


Sorry, but schizophrenia does not go away, it can only be treated. The military will not take you. I tried to get into the National Guard, and it was a big “no” as soon as I mentioned schizoaffective disorder. Hell, I couldn’t even get an Air Force medical school scholarship based on the fact that I was taking antidepressants, back when my diagnosis was major depression.


No more army for me, I became ill after being injured and my housemate trying to knife me up :dagger:

I guess it’s too much of a risk, despite people I worked with experiencing psychotic like symptoms due to sleep deprivation!

I don’t know the answer with certainty, but I can tell you this: I talked to a Navy recruiter when I was 15 and mentioned my OCD diagnosis. He abruptly ended the conversation.

You wanna buy some death sticks?" “You don’t want to sell me death sticks.” “I don’t wanna sell you death sticks.” “You want to go home and rethink your life.” “I wanna go home and rethink my life.”


me personally, I wouldn’t join the army. I was a patriot at one point in my life, but once we went to Iraq…I thought it was a bad idea. I wanted to be navy seal…and I was willing to die in the test/obstacles if necessary…aren’t we all “casualties” of war? you don’t need to be in the front line to get the experience, unless that’s your thing…

I signed on to the Navy and was 5150’d after a few days. They would not take me back. I signed on another time in a different city and was 5150’d again. I wanted to be a corpsman.


If you join the marines you’ll probably end up being mentally ill once again, for the last time. And it will be worse.


If you’ve ever been diagnosed or treated for sz, the military won’t take you in their ranks. I know. I used to be in the Air Force.


I was in military after my break for a period of one month