Really jonesing for a vape

I keep telling myself I am fine without it


Use some gum if you have any ?

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It had gone out of date so I chucked it.

I will be fine, was just hoping the urge for nicotine would totally disappear for ever - but I don’t think it works that way

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I couldn’t go an hour without a cigarette when I was smoking tobacco.

You’ve been off the vape for ages. That’s a good sign that you can quit for good.

Maybe get some gum/lozenges tomorrow.


It’s worth it, though. The money you save by not smoking, and the benefits to your health make is very worthwhile to quit.


Despite what many people say, the physical addiction is much harder to quit than the mental addiction.

If you can get past without having to fiddle with your hands, then that’s a good stepping stone.

I quit cigarettes about 4 years ago, and what really helped (besides NRTs) was eating when you felt like you wanted to smoke.

After that, I would take a pencil (or another cigarette type object) and pretended to smoke.

Please dont do it. You may end up dead.

I’m not trying to scare people but I am concerned about people doing that stuff now.

I haven’t smoked in almost 7 years and I still get urges to buy a pack. I keep a vape pen with 0% nicotine for emergencies. For days when I feel like I really need one or would really like the can feeling I used to get from it. I find just a few puffs, even of 0%, still helps take the edge off.

Niacin (nicotinic acid) , the no-flush and regular kinds, can stop nicotine cravings. It acts on the same receptors as nicotine.

I understand what you mean I have started lozenges for my smokeless tobacco but there are times of the day I have intense cravings and the lozenges but seem to work very good. Good luck and best wishes to you.

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Lozenges are the best, no side effects with them. Simple, easy, dissolves within 5 minutes and kicks the cravings to the curb.

Yeah my pdoc doesn’t want me to take the meds and the gum didn’t help either. I have the big and small lozenges right now I’m on a three to four hours between them. I have learned skills to help me to be available to cope and not put myself for failure. Plus my girlfriend says kissing her will help me not think about needing a dip. She gives me rewards and encouragement to stop

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Dont push yourself on the nicotine. Go at your own steady pace.

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