Realizing just what it means to be a paranoid schizophrenic

For some reason taking it in the terms - Paranoid + Schizophrenic - has given me some relief today. Realizing my thoughts and fears are really irrelevant on the surface and to other people. I believe I was paranoid first. Years of smoking pot and feeling generally uncomfortable around people. Being afraid of their thoughts, always watching myself closely to stay in line. I believe that is the origins of this blasted telepathy I have to deal with. My mind fills in the blanks and it started to as soon as I started believing in telepathy. So I was paranoid first. I wish I could go back and put down the pipe and actually chill out for once, but its to late now. I have to pull myself apart and learn to relax. I now continuously psychoanalyze myself and it comes in the form of apparent telepathy from other people. Stress and bad chemistry pushed my brain into a multilinear mode. Now I have secondary consciousnesses which voice me, the false telepathy, and the ability to think while I speak. Really its all just a product of neuro-plasticity in my mind and there is no way back. My brain is apparently done developing at this age so I think I’m stuck with a life of perceived thought broadcasting and paranoid thinking. Anyone else diagnosed as a paranoid schizo?

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DO you belief that,a mix of smoking pot and feeling generally uncomfortable,
afraid of other thoughts,watching oneself closely to stay in line,stress and
bad chemistry,neuro-plasticity in mind have creating a secondary consciousness
which voice you and generated inner telepathy with other people ?

when the telepathy with other people is a real phenomenon ?
in the case,if the other people have the same symptoms in the same time,they should feel like you,because you talking to them and they can talking to you "according to your story "
this is means that,both of you and the other people should have the telepathy phenomena at the same time and all of you feel the same symptoms !!

what do you say,if the other people tell you" face to face " they do not talking to you nor listen to your talking to them ?

if i hadnt been attacked and tortured for years, i would say yes, i am a paranoid schizophrenic. i stopped smoking pot years ago to rule out drug induced psychosis. nothing changed. still heard the voices, still had “episodes” is it possible that i have a type of schizophrenia that is reactive to my experiences? no. that doesnt work either because lovebites don’t just materialise on ur body, nor do scar and cigarette burns. i have been brainwashed into episodes and hearing voices. they r pre programmed personalities so no medication i try will ever quiet them. u know sometimes i wish i was just schizophrenic coz then i could take a pill and everything would b ok but i’m not. my life has been wrecked by this rape and torture. i wish it was as simple as being schizophrenic.

What do you think man? I try my best to believe the telepathy is not real but I still get fooled. If it is real it’s annoying and they should stop, but people all deny it and tell me it’s my imagination. Which id damn well like to believe because thinking everyone is readin my mind is a maddening experience. I’ve never read any minds why should they be?

I’m tormented every night by forces unseen including voices. My dreams are especially triply haphazardous. Recent my voices have been accompanied by a ticking that moves around my room from my ceiling can to my keyboard. The ticks are accompanied by short messages like do it die burn don’t do it stop thinking don’t do anything thing don’t talk at least I get a break when I finally fall asleep. I had especially good dreams last night. Anycase I believe something is up with the framework of our existence and it has something to do with the subconscious. I will continue to explore in my dreams.

I am a paranoid schizophrenic.

IN any society, there is a group of people have unexpected internal condition,which led to a specific disorder in the thought and behaviors
-the doctors give name "schizophrenia " for the disorder symptoms in the thought and behavior,and give name “hallucination” to the internal condition “the basic condition”
= Mainly ;if that is correct?
-some of you try to give name "telepathy "to the internal condition instead of the name “hallucination”
-some of you try to say "paranoia " instead of the word "schizophrenia "

so the plot of the story;,the paranoia instead of schizophrenia
the telepathy instead of hallucination

In fact,all these words are fail to describe “reading” the actual reality
of the internal condition or the symptoms of the disorder

2-every human being have a thing be called the brain “in the head”,this thing is the
only system who can read your mind and vice versa
-your brain - mind is not open book for other people,it is possible only for you
-some hidden creatures {they are not from our materialist word } they can
make up an inner communication with your consciousness being,so they can read your thoughts and vice versa !!
-the word “hallucination” be used instead of the hidden creature
-the hidden creature is the being so-called the demon
so,if some one feels the hallucination inside his specific psychological world,in reality
he feels and realize the existence of the being so-called demon

thus,the internal voices is the way of bilateral communication between single
human being and demon being ,which he is a pure consciousness being without
biological structure { you are call him secondary consciousness }

ive been diagnosed paranoid sz but i dont know. yes they says im paranoid but could i just be more awear of goings ons and my surroundings

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia once. The doctors were under the impression that it wasn’t paranoia later on because I was more compulsive and obsessive than paranoid. I’m nervous to see my psychiatrist because I don’t want her to notice that recently because of her actions towards me I have been paranoid more often and it makes me self conscious.

Instead of being concerned for me she puts me on hold in the system.

what is the meaning of word "paranoia " ?
-A madness of the doubt and the persecution
-A madness of the majesty

what it means to be a paranoid ?
a sick man with a madness of the majesty or doubt

so,if you feel doubt toward the events and things of the world,
this is a delusional believe--------------1
if you feel majesty toward yourself
this is delusional believe-----------------2

delusions believes is the result of effectiveness of the sz cause on the psychic-mental life
{the effect of the hallucination on the psychic-mental functions}
{ in other words,the effect of heard voices messages over the mind-brain of the person}

-all schizophrenic individuals feel the doubt,persecution and majesty with different degrees
-it is supposed that,the paranoia is a temporary condition in the case of an existence of self-treatment,medical treatment and behavioral treatment

the paranoia is a specific symptom from the symptom so-called false believes

{the madness factor “the madness maker” is the hidden source who producing the audible thougths within
the mind-brain of the schizophrenic individual

I am a paranoid schizophrenic. I used to hear voices accusing me of stuff, and thought the old men sitting at coffee houses were talking about me. And that my neighbours had ultrasound to beam their voices into my ear. I also used to be ultrasensitive to every little sound like neighbours kids playing with toys, or the scraping of moving of furniture, or people dropping items on the floor. Thought it all was directed against me. Ever since I’ve been on medication these went away. So now all that’s left is a lack of interest in life and inability to sustain planned activities.

You’re not alone!

Well after realizing I was just paranoid I’ve started to relax a little. I’d still swear these people are telepathic I mean I don’t want them to be but the telepathy just doesn’t stop. I’m stuck in this they are trying to straighten me out. Something’s going on and I just want some peace and quiet. ■■■■ schizophrenia I feel like I’m damned to hell.

I had a dream it was more like a vision in between dreams. I “woke up” only to have my vision fill by a giant magnificent eye made of blue flames. Underneath it was a wide gateway with all sorts of critters running out from it. It told me it wanted me to stop. I’ve been having a lot of lucid dreams lately I love them there is some trippy ■■■■ in there. Was it god? I don’t know but the vision was powerful. Probably keep it with me for the rest of my life. The all seeing eye. It was beautiful I hope to see it again.

Yea I finally got to the point that I would admit, at least to myself that I had psz.
But I always try to hide all symptoms since people just don’t like to hear or see you acting on them.

I’m teaching my son to drive and realize I constantly worry about every car following me or trying to hit me.
But I think suspicion is a virtue, do I don’t worry about that!

you are honest in your description.

  • merely if you know some essential bases,the suffering from these things are disappear or become have no effect even if it is repeating every hour

the idea
how can make the environmental sounds directed with you and against the voice source ?
if the inner voices has starting to emitted internally in your mind,you should try to focus your
attention toward the environmental sounds {like people sounds,moving of furniture,dropping
items on the floor,birds peep,Tv sound…etc
-attempt to listen to the environmental sounds,is the way to cut off the process of hearing to the voice message,the attempting is disrupt the current of voice message at once !
-the vocal interference is the way to disrupt any hear voice message !

so, if you feel bad to listen to the natural sounds {moving of furniture,dropping items…etc}
you can us all of these sounds to cut off the voice messages !

in the case,if you feel bad from the sound like neighbours kids,try to focus your attention
toward any other sound,just to do the attempting process is the goal !!