Real stupidity or what?

in fact I think I am very confused… and I feel dumb. I don’t speak a lot cause I am dumb. I almost cant get the meaning of a movie right now… whats this ■■■■??? maybe the loneliness? in the same time I think of some things. I am often asking myself how the others succeed to communicate… I have also this questions in my head like ‘‘what is god’’, ‘‘how the languages started’’ etc but it goes till this point, without answers in my head… do you see that a little bit? I just have these questions and I am like afraid to have answers… whatever… a friend of mine told me that when she was ill she was afraid to think…
yeap. difficult to recover I guess… I see more and more cases of mentally ill people who never recovered? is it possible to live like a dog (my case) forever like this? ■■■■…
thanks in advance for your answers, they help me :slight_smile:

I sought healing. I’ve made a life effort of it. I got something out of my efforts!


Without help, some sz’s don’t recover, but being confused, not getting the meaning of a movie, and wondering about God and the beginning of languages are things that most people go through who don’t have sz. My brother with sz has multiple things daily that he attributes to sz, and I tell him that they are not sz. He has continually been treated by his nurses and psych doctors like he’s dumb, but he’s very intelligent. Fortunately at times he has been able to use their mis-characterization of him to his advantage :slight_smile:
Support and encouragement from others can help you so much!
As a side note, God has revealed Himself to us and given us specific details on how all the different languages began, but not everyone believes what the Bible says.

You don’t have to live like this forever. Ask the doctor about med’s to treat your sz. A lot of the time when you can’t do things like think of the meaning of a movie it is because you are distracted. Other thoughts are filling your mind. It’s a form of mental congestion. It will go away.

Thats my fear that ill never live like the rest of humanity. I think its because its me by myself in a 100sq foot room with nothing but a tv a playstation a boombox and my own thoughts. My mantra is im not smart enough to be an intellectual but im not dumb enough to be a teddy bear. Im the average Joe i guess lol thats ironic. If i ever have kids im not gonna pass down the Joseph name for the 5th time in my family, well i could also have a girl but even having kids seems far fetched. I just don’t want to go homeless and like a bipolar friend said earlier today actually “we mentally ill are always on that thin line” and i replied “america doesn’t give a ■■■■ about us”. As an ill mind i must say "ask not what u can do for ur country but what in the ■■■■ has it done for u."
I guess the key to recovery is try to find ways to meet people to ground u from ur own head but thats hard cause trying to approach strangers is like trying to diffuse a bomb.
Its about not feeling disconnected to other people too. My worst problem is not feeling connected to any situation like my world view has turned dark. The worst and most prevelant thought i have around people is “they are just doing it (socializing) to keep u at bay, they dont give ■■■■■ about u.” It has sometimes even escalated to “their not real just fillings in the gap of ur mind, a projection, and ur mind still don’t give ■■■■■ about u.” Whatever who knows whats true but i still try. I can’t end that disconnect though. Combination of schizoa and ptsd i guess. I hope u find people though just put urself out there whether it be groups or anything. Id say would be a good way but idk i find it hard joining clubs, i still feel like an outcast in a club

In my psychotic episodes I find that I have a lot of trouble paying attention to movies, TV shows, books, etc. And feel like an idiot. I don’t believe you are dumb, sometimes it’s hard to focus is all.

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