Do you think there is dumbness in sz or its just me?

i have hard times swallowing the words of one of my pdocs that i am really smart. sometimes i get paranoid that i am dumb. sometimes - paranoid because i feel ugly. yeah… but is there a real dumbness in this illness or its another illness you think? i definitely have cognitive problems… sometimes i find some schizophrenics really really smarter than me… i have even blank spaces in my thinking, blocages also…ok,ive didn’t train my brain since years but how do you feel yourself about this?
p.s. yeah, i was a beautifull view in my worse. my awaful boyfriend at the time told me that i am really dumb, he couldn’t stand me anymore but i dont say it was nice from him. i think he had alcohol problems, maybe he wasn’t respecting me at the end…

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I would believe it’s harder to achieve insight if this condition strikes at a young age. And that lack of insight will prevent a young person from recovery and achieving a college education.

I think there is a difficulty with common sense with sz. We are used to tricks of the mind and so think everything is impossibly complex, missing the simple truths.


I’m 19, and a college student, ‘full’ insight, zero denial here.

In my opinion it would be harder for someone older to achieve insight because they are more set in their ways.


Depends on onset of the illness. I would believe that I recovered faster because I’m old, have a college masters degree.

There was this brilliant scientist named Szilard who couldn’t figure out how to drive a car. He was part of that group of scientists who discovered how to create nuclear fission. He was in on that group lead by Albert Einstein who wrote a letter to then president Roosevelt letting him know about the destructive potential of splitting the atom.

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thanks crimby but i am really disabled on lot of things…
@NiceHat, yeah, my illness is since child. maybe the reason why i recover with years still… the people were really tough with me in my toughest moments… hard to emerge from that…

@NiceHat @Nomad I’m in the middle position which I think is the worst. I got ill during school so my SS checks are lower (because I wasn’t working full time), and I’m still in undergrad in my early thirties. My brain is naturally paranoid and I live with my mom who was the worst parent of my divorced parents. SZ is from her side of the family and she dated a lot of guys when I lived with her as a 4-5 year old. She keeps this one guy around who is a racist and a pervert. He has always been passive aggressive towards me since I was a kid.

Some of us are luckier than others. Such is life.

SZ causes our IQ’s to be lower than that of our family members. It does affect us. It isn’t just you @Anna1. I’m glad you got away from your boyfriend. I left an awful one behind too. But not before enacting some sort of revenge.

@metime, i guess its the reality yeap… lower iq’s etc… i have an iq of 120 now. i cant get above this. but its already above average. in my worst state i was at 90 for an iq… i didn’t do anything to this guy. first, he told me that he would like to sleep with my ill friend of whom i am jealous. and once, he told me in the middle of the sexual acte that i am dumb… i didn’t say anything in this moment, yeap… nice isn’t it? :smiley: whatever… i am not sure that your case is harder metime… being ill since child is really tough. i cant imagine what the pdocs would do of me if i was diagnosed so early… the age of diagnosing sz does it get lower now? my mom sometimes think that i were autistic… but for my pdoc i was sz… yeap :cry:

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How does one go about finding out what your IQ score is if your pdoc does not want to test you?
I hear that all of the online tests are inaccurate.

Intelligence is best when it’s used to make life easier, and a curse when all it causes is pain.

schizophrenia definitely affects intelligence. I can have difficulty learning/doing simple things/tasks. Makes it practically impossible for me to function in even the lowest of jobs. It’s tough to have been at the bottom and don’t even belong there.

I don’t know how accurate online IQ tests are, but I tried one years ago and got 128 as a result. I don’t think mental health doctors really care about IQ, per se (at least in high-functioning cases). They’re more concerned about how you function in life and your ability or inability to conform to society.

I think what you’ve always needed Anna is a good psychologist

We had guidance counselors in Jr. High
And high school

You have a total defeatist attitude

@Daze, you cant understand my illness. you are not a pdoc. one really reputed pdoc said that a psychologist wouldn’t help me… I am bad cause I cant think, its something more than an emotional problems… I work on my own on my negative thinking… even my current pdoc said that Ive made a lot of progress already.

Didn’t anybody ever tell you when life throws you lemons

You make lemonade?

I’ve never seen a person want an illness like you.

sorry but you are not right. I fight against my illness every day.




Do you believe some of it is self inflicted or no?

you talk to me daze? you mean if I think that some of my state is done by myself? sorry, sometimes I have a bad English… ive thought it in the past cause ive surrendered long time ago to battle. but my paranoia was hard, my depression too. I have the strength to battle now since I am on meds. I am really more positive in irl already :wink:

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Borderline is cutting right?

I have a friend who thinks it’s art.

He’s bipolar.

Yes I’m no pdoc but that’s what I’m thinking.