Real or no real?

Are these voices real? They to me are like devils

No, they’re not real…

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Real. Very real!

Seriously. Stop that.

…Stop what?

Messing with this persons mind. It’s a serious issue, even if you don’t take it seriously for yourself have some consideration and if it’s not kind, just don’t post.

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The voices aren’t real. Please don’t listen to @Bunny.

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They are not real.

Not real, Shelly.

We’re not here to feed each other’s delusions.

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@minnii @pharoutphrog @Rhubot

You must have my post confused. I am referring to my own voices, not her’s. That’s what I thought the question was; if we thought our voices were real or not.
I actually have no idea if your voices are real @shellys12, sorry. Maybe you should talk to your pdoc about that. He/she might be able to help you.
I simply confused the question. I in no way intend to mess with anyone’s minds. I was just giving my honest answer, about my own voices.

Yeah sure. You’re voices aren’t real either. If you do hear voices. If you’re not even diagnosed, you have no intention of getting help, I don’t really get what you’re doing here.

And I’m sorry to be so blunt, but if you’re not helpful to others there’s no actual point in posting.

You’re right, I have no diagnosis.
I found this site after going to see my pdoc, after a major breakdown where I completely blacked out, started spray painting things in my house and calling random people to tell them I was going to kill myself, because the voices want me to. Don’t even remember doing this, but it’s what my mom and the police say happened. He was a horrible doctor, he was mean and gave me no diagnoses. I am not even sure if he was real, because we connected through webcam, as my small town has no psychiatrists. He told me to look up a website for people who hear voices and see things. I never did find the website, but I found this site. I was so happy I did, because here were a whole bunch of people who have the same “special abilities” as I do, and struggle with the same things on a daily basis. People on here have helped me greatly, more than my doc ever did. I left my doc, because I couldn’t handle him and he is so frightening. Who knows what my diagnosis is. Or, it could be as I believe, that I am not I’ll, I have been gifted with special powers I have yet to learn how to control. Illness is only what everyon wants me to believe. Maybe I’ll never know.
I came here for help, from a community with the same struggles. I have also done my best to help others. If you could only read my pervious posts and of my private messages, you will see that I have helped a great deal of people.
You’re not the first person to tell me I don’t belong here. The only reason I haven’t left is because these people who seem to need me to talk to. Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe I don’t and I should just leave and go back to trying to figure this all out for myself. No one to talk to when I’m struggling and things get really bad, trying to navigate my way out of this, myself. Okay, sounds good to me. Message received. :v:
I feel we have ruined this person’s topic. So, if you have anything more to say that is not directly related to this topic, please message me or just start another thread.

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Question. If the sz voices are always negative, attacking, evil, and seem like demons, then how can they just be random malfunctions? Shouldn’t a random malfunction tend to be about 50% positive/good and 50% negative/evil?

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I’m not saying you don’t belong here, I’m saying I don’t get why you come here if you’re not seeking help or to help others. That’s all.

Carry on.

That doesn’t make sense at all. Why do you think they are random malfunctions and why on earth should random malfunctions be 50% positive and 50% negative? The brain is not that simple.

@Minnii, are you ok? You seem a bit different from your normally affable self.

I really think you should see a psychiatrist. You do not have special powers and you need help from a doctor and probably meds.

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The psychiatrists always said that they were random malfunctions due to chemical imbalances in the brain. And if they were random, then I would expect them to be more balanced instead of always negative and evil.

No actually I’m not really okay, and I shouldn’t be taking it out on Bunny.