Real or not?

my mother in law thinks it’s as simple as going, " its not real go away" and it disappears. She tells me all the time, “you know its not real just ignore it” I keep trying to tell her its not that simple. but she did finally say something that made sense. she said she doesn’t know what’s going in my mind.

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i tell myself it’s not real everyday. doesn’t work. tell her i said so

Do yours come with an emotional component? My visual hallucinations used to scare the bejeezus out of me. They still spook me, sometimes, but I’m much less scared now.

I ask because when they come with an emotional component it is really difficult to just “ignore” them. Might as well “ignore” a train charging towards you on a track, or the room catching fire around you.

Her comments are not very supportive, gotta say, but they remind me of the well-intentioned badly-phrased advice my grandmother used to give me. Same sort of thing, where it feels like an insult but she just doesn’t understand what she’s talking about.

Be patient with yourself and with others. If you described your average day to her, do you think that would help her understand?

The voices make me feel bad, they put me down in there own individual ways and the gremlins and shadow people frighten me. I use to see blood on my hands and that scared the crap out of me cause i thought i hurt someone.

I have described little bits of my daily life to her about the voices and visual hallucinations she knows on really bad days i try to sleep a lot to avoid dealing with them but she says if i keep doing that it will kill me before i’m 40.

Extra sleep will kill you?! Well damn!

I was just reading an article on hallucinations and this bit made me think of your situation:

“Those wishing to understand the hallucinatory experience of another person are additionally challenged by the fact the person may be experiencing the world in a way that we cannot clearly conceive of, perhaps, by virtue of the fact that the experiences are beyond what the person has ever encountered before or what is considered to be within the possibilities of normal human experience.”

The article is at this link if you’re interested ->

That’s obviously rubbish!

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