Re: Cat bacteria linked to sz, musings

I was looking into this more. If you choose to look into it yourself it’s quite interesting the bacterias that cats carry and how they effect humans (and other animals too)

If you know anything about evolution you’d know that this is common amongst all species. That we all have bacteria(s) that come with all of us and all animals.

I think it’s really interesting how the bacterias evolved along with us all in order to (in my interpretation) help us coexist it would seem.

I can see how scientists would come to the conclusion that some of them did… however I think it plays too minor of a role in severe mental illness and I believe it can be overlooked entirely and I believe that the stress of the cause is more on drugs and alcohol and broken homes. I personally believe that they are just scapegoating on cats for some reason.

Anyway that being said here comes the bomb:

If you study the particular bacteria in question thoroughly it really seems to be quite amazing. Remarkable I might add IMO. Then I have cross referenced this with ancient civilization. The Egyptian goddess Bast. I was thinking immediately how the heck did those savages figure this out… lol…

The wonder of man never ceases to amaze me.

for people that can’t read:

cats = good.


As a note of encouragement your ancestors have survived and thrived during the ice age. You can handle Sz.


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Them felines have us by the balls.

The microbe is a single-celled pathogen that infects most types of mammal and bird, causing a disease called toxoplasmosis. But its effects on rodents are unique; most flee cat odour, but infected ones are mildly attracted to it.Sep 18, 2013

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Was talk of this potentially correlating to sz a whiiiile back.

I don’t think it adds up, but I’ve had cats for most of my life. So has everyone I know.

I like cats. I don’t like people that don’t like cats.

That’s my view on the issue.



Dey just haven’t caught the (literal) disease.

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Something as cool as this deserves more than wikipedia. Which is not credible for anyone else reading. Wikipedia is often the most biased website I’ve ever seen in my life. Terrible and almost destructive in terms of being an encyclepedia.

Hmm… There’s more to the bacteria than this though.

It makes women obedient and men introverted. I think this bacteria is good for humans and cats alike. Very good for home and hearth which is what bast is the goddess of. So in essence this particular bacteria makes us all be happy and get along. Including the cat. Which is probably why this bacteria survived natural selection if you want to get scientific.

I’m now erecting statues to bast in my neighborhood.


Hah. Man (wish that was fifteen character long) additionally…

Wikipedia is solid bro. At least in scientific issues. Wikibooks is even better(says Wikipedia)

The sz relation to the bacteria in question seems to me to be taken out of context… And excludes all other (and more rational) explanations of the cause of sz while focusing on this single statistic.

Lol what? Wikipedia has articles on “voice to skull”. Wikipedia is probably responsible for the majority of the delusions that sz have.

Agreed man I don’t think it hold anyway.

Brain parasite leads to experiential illness.

Everyone has a bit of everything. That’s why psycho sciences are ■■■■■■.


The bast statue is still going up!!!

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Hah maybe man.

It’s just a container.

Humans fill it with ■■■■■■■■.

I’d still say humanity at large is schizophrenic.

You going to make me google that?

Yeah googles not helping me.

I actually just don’t think parasites are bad in most cases. We def have ones that aren’t even discovered yet. I omitted the word parasite on purpose. Considering the context were in. They’re the same thing as bacterias though… Like… They just need other cells from preexisting animals to function other than that they’re a bacteria… Part of the wonder of life… I guess in perspective though.

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I can’t post links.

Ahh nooob lol

Yeah biochemistry and viruses and all that complex chemical ■■■■■■■■.

There is no God. It is what it is. It is possible and so it is.

My perspective anyways.

You could even say the “parasites” you mention would be supernatural.

But I know you wouldn’t be a fan of that idea.

Yeah. You can say w.e. you want. Which is why Bast is going up !!! Hah.

I don’t get it man. The bast?


There are folk who don’t like my talk I know. I question whether I like my talk. Expect me to shut up though. That probably won’t happen. To bored.

Much respect man.

You could not be an ass and explain your statement instead of lording.

Meds just hit.

Can’t… Continue… Lol.

I think you might be a tad delusional though when it comes to this god topic. I think some people just have the urge to carve idols. Call it evolutionary.

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