Mind control parasites

Mind-controlling Parasites!: http://youtu.be/uvdiYg6ZN-U

So, yea. What’s interesting is the proposed link to SZ that he brings up at the end of the video.

PS. Not sure how to format for YouTube videos.

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Yea… This topic was moved to “delusional” yet it’s not delusional. It’s about parasites that influence their hosts via brain chemistry and how there’s a correlation between numbers of a specific parasite and SZ.

The gist of it is that there is a parasite that lives in cats but starts off in rats. The only way to get to it’s preferred host (a cat) is by getting a cat to eat the infected rat. So to do this, the parasite makes the infected rat not afraid of cats and even makes them seek out cats to basically get eaten. When the cat eats the rat, the parasite infests the cat and it’s mission accomplished.

As it turns out, rat brain chemistry and human brain chemistry are similar, so if this parasite manages to infect humans (if possible) there could be odd effects. These odd effects could theoretically show up as SZ. And so there is a correlation in the number of SZ diagnosises and parasite infections.

I thought it was an interesting theory.

Somehow I think Taco Bell is involved. Sneaky parasites.

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■■■■ I love cats maybe that’s what I did wrong. They should be looking into this

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More info:

So it seems the attractive behavior towards cats is actually to cat urine. But still it only may affect human behavior and even then it only may cause symptoms of mental illness. It’s important to note that a lot of scientists think it is unlikely to affect human behavior.

Ever notice mentally ill females "collect"a lot of cats?
The degree of illness is female multiplied by felines squared.

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